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Part NumberPackageTypeVDS(V)VGS ±(V)ID(A)RDS(ON) @ 4.5V Typ.(m?)RDS(ON) @ 10V Typ.(m?) Buy online Details
WST6402SOT-23NP-Ch-20V±12V-4.4A50mΩ- Buy online
WST2333BSOT-23NP-Ch-15V±12V-4.4A40mΩ- Buy online
WST2305ASOT-23NP-Ch-20V±12V-4A60mΩ- Buy online
WST2303ASOT-23NP-Ch-20V±12V-2.5A144m?- Buy online
WST6401SOT-23NP-Ch-20V±12V-2.5A135m?- Buy online
WST2301ASOT-23NP-Ch-20V±12V-2.5A140m?- Buy online
WST2335SOT-23NP-Ch-20V12V-4.4A50mΩ- Buy online
WST6225SOT-23NP-Ch-20V12V-5.1A42mΩ- Buy online
WST2337ASOT-23NP-Ch-15V12V-4.8A30m?- Buy online
WST3427SOT-23NP-Ch-20V12V-2.5A140mΩ- Buy online
WST3423SOT-23NP-Ch-20V12V-2.9A100mΩ- Buy online
WST3417SOT-23NP-Ch-20V12V-4.6A47mΩ- Buy online
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