How iPhone5 inspired by Microsoft’s Naming Policy ?

apple iPhone4s vs. iPhone5 screen compared


Back to 90s . I remembered the times of Windows fast phased growth  ,Microsoft’s first true GUI (Without DOS support in the back end like W 3.1 etc)was Windows 95 . After the massive success of Windows 95 Microsoft launched Windows 98 ,then the perfect  error free version  Windows 98 Se debuted . Microsoft was on the headline  those days like Apple does this month .

There was a story ,about how Bill Gates chooses the Team Manager  for Windows 2000 team :

There were three highly professional programmers sat out side of the Bill Gate’s office . Interview started !

Candidate No 1 at Interview :

Bill Gates : What are the core changes you expect to have on the upcoming windows 2000 ?

Candidate 1 : Sir, we have to improve the multitasking capabilities ,internet ……..blablablabla……….(and finished )

[Bill Gates Noted on his file “Rejected”]

Candidate No 2 at Interview :

Bill Gates : How would you create Windows 2000 ?

Candidate 1 : it is not a simple task ,as people have expectations , I want to keep the upcoming Windows 2000 as a game changer , the whole new icons, whole new working environment………mm….(and finished )

[Bill Gates Noted on his file “Rejected”]

Candidate No 3 at Interview :

Bill Gates : How would you create Windows 2000, come up with your ides ?

Candidate 1 : Smiled for a second  ,told Gates “Sir I would rather change the startup  screen of Win 98  as Windows 2000 “

Bill Gates Cried out “ You are the right choice ,you the Manager of the team ,get the appointment letter downstairs !

Ok ,how would this story comply with iPhone5 ?

do you see any major change in  iPhone 5 over iPhone 4S ,other than the version number ?


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