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Apple iPhone 5 is not a game changer anyway ,What is new there to care ?

apple iphone 5 hands on

Apple iPhone 5 ,features explained for non techie users .

“From my point of view Apple doesn’t create anything magical this time ,within the iPhone 5 ,but it can be a better device for anyone “

Apple has revealed the new iPhone 5 yesterday (12/09/2012)and today the trails of the event follows . Apple has added some more hardware and software features to it’s new device compared to the predecessor iPhone 4s  .But nothing  found to be exciting and new for the tech world. Lets have a look at the so called new add-ons of iPhone 5. If you own an iPhone 4s ,then you wont be much excited about the new advancements ,I dare !

  1. Large 4” retina display – Apple iPhone 5 has a decent display ,technology use is called retina ,but they have introduced it with their iPhone 4s already. Screen size of course ,no matter ,when you think about most of the Android and Windows phones available in the market for so long. Most of the Samsung’s Galaxy devices and HTC phones already in the game with giant screens 4”,4.5”,4.7” like screens are very common .
  2. LTE Connectivity  – LTE is the forth generation data connectivity standard ,so your phone can have faster internet access. Apple started LTE with it’s iPhone 5 only .Phones with LTE connectivity  are already there in the market ,Samsung’s Galaxy S2,S3,HTC EVO,LG Nitro HD  are some examples.
  3. 8 Mega Pix Camera – 8 Mega Pixel cameras are everywhere ,even the iPhone 4 s has the same mega pixel ,iPhone 5 has a smaller camera ,but it doesn’t make sense from a user’s point of view
  4. Faster A6 processor(claimed) – It is claimed to be very fast ,but definitely cannot compete with the chips inside the Galaxy SIII,Galaxy Note II as those use quad core processors .
  5. Improved battery life (claimed) –Apple claimed that the new iPhone 5 will get 8 hours of talk time, 10 hours of video playback time, and 8 hours of web browsing time over LTE.Compared with iPhone 4s ,which offers 6 hours of web browsing time , the only battery life improvement is in web browsing (other batter usage times are same for iPhone 5 and iPhone 4s).
  6. Small 30 pin connector – iPhone 5 got a small connector compared with it’s predecessors ,As it is a new part there,the speed could be better, but this is still based on USB 2.0 specs, not 3.0 or Thunderbolt.
  7. Audio improvements – It uses 3 microphones ,uses noise cancelling technology ,wide band audio technology,smaller speakers (as the phones goes the slimmest at the moment ) but those are already exists in many devices (  I am not sure the number of Microphones in other devices ,but the quality expected is given )

Apple is lovable for it’s software and apps ,no doubt ,but many Android devices and apps are coming and overtaking Apple in that area too . for instance ,Samsung Galaxy S3 has a much more higher hardware specs and software functionalities . But no doubt that apple will make a great sale ,as it has a huge loyal customers .

if you find any Wow factor on Apple iPhone 5 and think ,it is unique ,why don’t you share it here ? (Twitter – @tecKdiary )

apple iphone 5 lightning connector

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