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Should I use screen protectors on my Gorilla glass 1 & 2 phones ?

Screen Protector reviews -Galaxy SIII,Galaxy Note II,Apple iPhone 5,4s

We all know that Gorilla glass is the toughest glass used in the modern day mobile phones to  protect them . Most of us ,becoming more reluctant to use screen protectors on the new devices . This small note will help you to understand whether screen protectors are still needed or not for your device .

Corning Gorilla Glass 2 enables up to a 20 percent reduction in glass thickness, while maintaining the industry-leading scratch and damage resistance that consumers demand. Samsung Electronics equipped the GALAXY S III with a 4.8-inch HD Super AMOLED display. Corning Gorilla Glass 2 enables the device’s slim and sleek design, and helps protect the device display from scratches and bumps. Press Release –Corning

Phones like Samsung Galaxy SII ,Apple iPhones 4S,iPhone 5  ,have  Gorilla glass 1 on them and the new siblings  of SII,Galaxy SIII and Galaxy Note 2 and some other latest high end devices are coming with Corning Gorilla Glass 2 . Gorilla glass 2- means more tough and more protection from scratches . (if you want to find out more technically – visit Corning Gorilla Glass site here )

Don’t  believe any Youtube videos  of Gorilla Glass scratch test .

The YouTube videos showing the extra ordinary scratch  tests of Gorilla Glass defiantly miss lead you to a crack your device . Personally,I am  one of a  victims of that . Trusting the hardness of my Samsung Galaxy SII ,made me to give a demo to my friends by forcefully scratching my device with my car keys led to some nasty experience (The scratches on my Galaxy S2 ,is very obvious in this photo ? )

Samsung Galaxy S2/SII Scratched Gorilla Glass -image

Gorilla glasses are made to protect your phones from day  to day scratches , ie : it may protect your phone fro the minor scratches caused by  the keys you put together n your pocket ,sand and dusty came on the air etc.

Final words –Yes you should use screen protectors

I have used most of  the expensive and high end smart phones like Apple iPhone 4s,Nokia N97,Nokia N8,Samsung Galaxy Note 1,Note II ,Galaxy SII ( and now testing sIII) and found they all needed a screen protector hardly ,otherwise they used to get some minor scratches . I have ordered screen protectors for my new Galaxy Note 2-N7100 from ebay and waiting to be delivered . Meanwhile my device is protected by a custom cut screen protector purchased from local market .

How much a good screen protector costs ?

An anti glare screen protector for phones like Galaxy SIII,Note II starts as little as  0.99 $ at ebay .

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