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How to start your Samsung Galaxy Phone,when it’s power button doesn’t work ?


Have you ever got stuck with the power on button of your Samsung Galaxy phones ? I have been to ,many times .

This simple guide tells you,how  to startup your Samsung Galaxy phones [This technique is applicable to most of the Samsung high end mobiles including S2,S3,S4,Note2,Note3,Grand  ,despite the model numbers ]without using the broken power button.

  • Just open the back cover

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Samsung Galaxy S4 release in March 2013–Officially Denied

The speculation about the Samsung’s Galaxy lineup – Galaxy S 4 and the release date ,officially denied by Samsung today in an official Twitter message sent in Koran Language. At TecKdiary.com we have reported the rumor of Galaxy S 4 a little while ago .

Samsung Galaxy S4 More news and speculation

Which is rumor and Which is true –Samsung Galaxy S4

Samsung stated in the tweet :

“you can now rest assured that your shiny smartphone will not be replaced with a newer model only 10 months after launch. And those who were hoping to see the fourth Galaxy S smartphone earlier than expected, better brace yourselves for a lengthier wait.”

This is the original Tweet sent by Samsung Korea :

Official tweet sent by Samsung about Galaxy S4

We stand by the story revealed at the blogosphere including TecKdiary.com  ,few points are vital to consider  ,that :

  • Samsung has developed the proto type of Galaxy S4 already
  • In this tweet ,only the release date is dragged but not any rejection over the Galaxy S4 Specs or existence casted .
  • The upcoming phone – Galaxy S4 will have larger screen ,nearly 5"
  • Galaxy S4 should be slimmer than S3
  • Release date should be earlier(First quarter of 2012) than Galaxy S3 did (not the forth quarter of a  year )

Folks , we all know the most of the hardware specs of the Apple iPhone 5 already before the release ,and nothing surprised us at the launch ,hope the same thing will happen with the Galaxy S4 .

Samsung Galaxy S4 is getting ready – Leaked photos ?!

sasmung galaxy S4 ,Galaxy SIV

As per the news published in Korea Times ,there are significant chances to get the next Big thing from Samsung on March 2012,the Samsung Galaxy S4.

According to the source, the representatives of companies supplying parts for the upcoming smartphone confirmed that Samsung plans to introduce Samsung Galaxy S 4 in February  of the following year at the annual international exhibition  Mobile World Congress 2013 . Launch and start of sales is scheduled for March 2013 . This plan is more than realistic: Samsung Galaxy S 3 was presented in May and in June on sale.

Technical Specifications of Samsung Galaxy S4

We don’t know much about the upcoming Galaxy S4 but the only spec we can guess ,that  the Galaxy S 4 will have a 5-inch OLED-display for sure. The Samsung Galaxy S4 is expected to be slimmer and hold about 2 GB of RAM .

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Source: phandroid.com

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