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Samsung Galaxy S3 mini becomes more real–Specs and more info available now !

Samsung Galaxy SIII Mini specifications

We have had some early revelations of Samsung Galaxy S3 mini ,and it is more real now in the world of blogs . Samsung Galaxy S3 mini is expected to have a 4” LCD display,and the  NFC chip found on the original Galaxy S3 gone missing or becomes optional on  the mini due to the compact design and niche market they consider for the product.

A  leaked retailer’s  online listing is believed to be the source for the specs and believes of the Samsung Galaxy S3 mini at the moment. It is highly expected that ,Samsung will reveal the truth about Galaxy S3 Mini on 11th of October 2012 at the press meeting in Germany and put a stop for the rumors .

Specifications of Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini (rumored )

  • S III Mini’s screen size would be 4”
  • With NFC chip and Without NFC Chip 2 variants exists
  • Offers a WVGA display (800 x 480 resolution)
  • 5 Mega pixel primary camera
  • Operating system – Android Jelly Bea 4.1
  • Galaxy S3 mini will have a dual core processor ,but the speed is still unknown

And dudes ,the rumor mill continues to speak about the colour of the Samsung Galaxy S3 mini ,people guess you will have Blue ad White colour variations  .

Source : BGR.com ,Engadget

First impressions of Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini– Exclusive to TecKdiary


At TecKdiary we have   managed to get the photo  of Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini .Thanks to  Adobe Photoshop ! 🙂 . The  photo of Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini shows that ,it should be held on your palms without any problem ,will sit in your pockets without any pushes  . And  I am really sorry about my poor photo shop skills ,that fails to make any professional level imaging !

[ Relevant news – Samsung Galaxy SIII Mini–debut in the market soon?  ]

Samsung Galaxy SIII Mini–debut in the market soon?


Samsung Mobile has sent  invitations to the media in Germany on 2nd of October(yesterday) for an (unveiling?) event  ,without clear description of the contents of the event. Samsung doesn’t mention anything in particular in the invitation ,but the tag line goes "So big can be small. And so small can be big." The Galaxy icon is in the background of the invitation .This makes the rumor mill work faster ,Folks over many technology blogs including GSMarena guess that ,the small version of Samsung Galaxy S3-Galaxy S3 Mini would debut in the event for the people who love to hold smaller gadgets .

The Samsung’s press meet will fall on 11th of October 2012 ,and guys you have no other options than waiting for the day !

Source (German)

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