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Galaxy Note II–The Best 6 Features I love–Initial thoughts

Galaxy Note II N7100 top features teckdiary.com

Background  : This is my experience ,not from the technical data sheets . I  have been using Samsung Galaxy SII as my primary phone  and a Motorola Xoom 10.1” Tablet as the main reading companion for last one year . I found Galaxy Note II in between this both devices in many aspects . Galaxy Note II – A best device for people who love pocketable  Tablets

  1. Long Battery Life  : For  the folks who have used Android devices with bigger displays know the poor  battery life it gives ,in most cases even  won’t last more than 6 hrs /8 hrs . But Samsung Galaxy Note II –N7100 is giving plenty of hours to use . I have started to use from 6.20 AM today and now it is 11.13 PM still Note II has 37% of charge .Kindly note that I have used about 2hrs and 50 mins in the evening for continuous reading (End  of world 2012 –True ?) Kept Wi-Fi on all the time and accessed internet on 3G and HSPA network for about 1 hour and still it has a whooping amount of battery life (37%) [official battery specs -Up to 35 h (2G) / Up to 16 h (3G)]
  2. Light weight handheld device : It is considerably easy to carry Note 1  weighs 178 grams but looks like bulky  Note II  weighs 183 grams but looks like a feather and feels like a charm on your hands . I used to hold the bulky 10.1 Tablets for long time and this device just sits like a small humming bird ,great !
  3. Smart Stay : The new smart stay feature ,that tracks your eyes and keeps the display  on works fine. I always have problem keeping the screen on while reading long articles ,but this feature is handy ,love it.
  4. Lightning speed camera : The camera on Galaxy Note II takes photo without a delay , just tap the snap button on screen, and it takes the photo , the continuous press will burst images (continuous shots)
  5. S-Pen and handwriting : I have used many touch devices ,with stylus so far ,but the S-Pen is stylish ,enriched with lot of nice features. If you left the S-Pen and move from ,the device beeps no way to miss it. Hand write recognition is relay amazing ,it recognizes 100 percent accurately from my perception .
  6. Eye-catching display : Bright,stunning display with eye catching colorful images  definitely a treat for your eyes .

Purposely I have ignored the highly advanced technical terms and specs of hardware as it is available on all specs sheets ,and at our site here . My revelations here are as an experience of end user ,not par with technical sheets (meant to help buyers )

Sample Image taken by  Galaxy Note II N7100

Sample Image taken by Galaxy Note II N7100

Expect more Note II experiences soon here at TecKdiary.com

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