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3 Easy ways to take screen shots in Galaxy Note II–N7100

1 of 3 methods of screen shots on Galaxy Note II -guide

In case you want to get technical support or anything ,you may want to take the screen shot of your Samsung Galaxy Note II(capture the screen ) .There are plenty of ways to do it .

  1. Using S-Pen to take screen shot in Galaxy Note II : it is the most famous and simple way to take screen shot. Just hold your S-Pen on the screen and press the button on the S-Pen for few seconds until you get the flash sound and animation . Once the screen is captured now the image is appeared on the screen ,it is editable ,you can see the tools for editing on top ,do something (if you want)and click save ,done. But the man disadvantage of this method is ,it is little time consuming ,so you may miss something to capture on time.
  2. Using short cut keys to Capture the screen: Just press the power  button(on the right)and the Home button(bottom ,front facing )simultaneously for 5 seconds /until you see the flashing effect on screen along with the sound ,and it is saved in the background ,you can get it from the gallery ,and the notification will be put on the notification panel .Even you can share ,edit or delete directly from the notification panel .2 of 3 methods of screen shots on Galaxy Note II -guide
  3. Swipe the Palm on the screen of Note II– This wont’ work out of the box . You have to set it up . Just go to settings >> (System)Click Motion (switch on it )>>click ‘Palm swipe to capture ‘ >>done. Now just swipe your Palm on the screen from right to left or left to write ,it takes screen shots immediately and save into the gallery .

3 of 3 methods of screen shots on Galaxy Note II -guide

Hope you enjoy this post . This tips definitely help  the new buddies looking to take screen shots on the new Galaxy Note II . If you have any doubts on exploring your Galaxy Note II ,just post here as a comment ,I will carve the earth to answer it ! 🙂

Samsung Galaxy Note II–Landed at TecKdiary.com–Tips and Tricks ,Best Apps for Note 1 & 2 more to come

Galaxy Note II Vs Galaxy S2 Vs Nokia N97 displayed

It is fabulous to hold ,wonderful to see and useful to have – Amazingly superb and hot selling sexy Galaxy Note II, landed TecKdiary.com today and I have been (still)using it for last 8 hours tirelessly . As a person dedicated the life for  technology ,I have had a good insight on Galaxy Note II before the arrival ,and found the on hands experience pretty much same . The new comer has been added to my collection of Jewels (Most anticipated and betrayed Nokia N97 ,Most Successful Android device of the world-Samsung Galaxy SII )

Samsung Galaxy Note II  already surpassed 5 Million units of sales as of today ,as per Samsung .I am not sure that whether they have included the unit I purchased too( 🙂 )

Folks, anyway it is a quick heads up  , you can expect more tips and tricks of Note II , Mini reviews and  posts on Top apps for Galaxy Note 2 from my own experience in coming days ,  cheers ! :) 

Explore the possibilities of your NFC enabled S3 Phone with ‘TeC Tiles’

Samsung's NFC Sticker Tec Tiles - Program and tap with Galaxy S3 - Best Accessory for S3

Recently you have purchased a Samsung Galaxy S3 ? ,wanted to get out more from the handheld monster ? Here you are.  Even though the NFC(Near Field Connectivity ) technology exists for years ,now the time has come ,the NFC era .Samsung’s  Tec Tiles is a small chip looks like a sticker ,which is programmable to perform certain tasks using the application  (download the required free app ) . By programming  plenty of options in this chip ,you can perform various tasks including sending messages,switch on/ off some features in your phone ,change the ring tone etc (few listed bellow ) . Just program and tap the Tec Tile with your Samsung Galaxy S3 ,the task is done .!

Imagine how ,practically it works !

Just keep one Tec Tile to switch off your Wi-Fi connection at home ,when you enter home tab your device with the sticker . Switch on  the phone’s Data Connection back at office by tapping on another Tec Tile placed on your office wall. Like wise you can have as many as possible Tec Tiles to perform certain programed tasks ,remember that you can re program the tiles always .

Few tasks that you can change with Tec Tiles :

-Ringer volume
-Music volume
-Bluetooth on/off
-Alarm set
-Screen brightness
-WiFi on/off and Join a WiFi Network
-Launch an App
-Show a message
-Make a phone call
-Send a text
-Share a contact
-Open a web page
-Show a address or location
-Social media Foursquare, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn

Price and affordability

Tec Tiles cost you about $10 ,that is worth to try ,I guess (click the link bellow to buy one or get to know more from Amazon.com )

Source : Amazon.com ,PCmag.com

Galaxy Note 2 hands on–Video review

Watch Note 2 in Action

Samsung Galaxt Note 2 video review

Samsung Galaxy Note 2 ,the 5.5 “  screen monster  ,rocking  the market  with 1.6 Ghz quad core processor ,2GB RAM,16:9 display at 1280×720 pixels ,we thought to present a hands on review ,while we wait for the trial device ,here you can have some taste of it from this video published by Androidcentral.com .

Lets Watch this Galaxy Note 2 Review Video :

Galaxy Note 2 how big on hands

Tail piece : Samsung seems ,want to kill it’s Galaxy Tab 7” by this Galaxy Note 2( 5.5”) . Galaxy Note 2 has a lot of unique and intuitive features that ,even the apple iPhone 5 failed to bring . I hope you might have judged that Galaxy Note is targeting Tablet lovers or professionals on move ,and the Galaxy S3targets Smart Phone lovers .

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