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Nokia Lumia 920 politely compared with Apple’s iPhone 5–Inforgraphic war

Samsung had a ride on Apple ,with  it’s Galaxy S3 Vs. Apple iPhone comparison ad campaign  which appeared on print media in US. Apple Fan boys (Girls ?) had given many replies to the Samsung’s ad . Now it’s time for Nokia(Published this comparison on their Facebook Page) ,but they have revealed  existence of their competitive device Lumia 920   and it’s  improvements over iPhone 5  in an infograph politely ,like a school student suggesting better idea to the teacher .[No hard words used like Samsung did in their campaign ]

Here is the comparison of Nokia Lumia 920 and iPhone 5 ,no hard words ,no silly comments ,just Nokia positioning it’s device by simple illustrations .

iphone 5 compared with Nokia lumia 920 by Nokia

Of course Nokia Lumia 920 has better screen size, better maps,wireless charging ,purevew night shot camera and some other better features over iPhone 5 ,but they have conveniently  forgotten to mention that iPhone is running world’s most innovative and sleek iOS ,that   cannot be compared with the Windows Phone (O/S)  which is immature  for years . 🙂

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