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Nokia Pureview camera technology- explained for masses

Nokia Lumia 920 pure view cam

Have you heard this word many times on ads and confused ?

Nokia has invented it’s own camera technology called ,PureView technology . Nokia introduced the Pureview camera on it’s  Nokia 808 phone back in February 2012 .[Nokia 808 features a 41 megapixel 1/1.2″ sensor and a high resolution f/2.4 Zeiss all-aspherical 1-group lens. The 808’s sensor was the largest and highest resolution sensor in a camera phone at the time of its launch,]

Then the Pureview cams are becoming more popular among Nokia devices ,Nokia 820 and the Nokia 920 also bringing out the new Purview cams with different pixel ratios .

OK ,what is Nokia’s Pureview for an average user ?

Rather than re writing  the very long data sheet that has the diagrams ,pixel ratios ,api etc., I would like to make it simpler .

  • At a Pureview  camera you get really high quality images in most of the lighting situations . Nokia guarantee a blur free images with exceptional brightness ,that any other phone at the moment doesn’t offer .
  • Don’t confuse the Mega Pixel of the cameras when it is Pureview one. Pixel is about the size of the image ,PV is the quality of the image

“PureView camera technology with Optical Image Stabilization and a Carl Zeiss lens means your pictures and videos are detailed, blur-free and bright, no matter what light conditions you’re in.”Nokia

Nokia 808 pureview belle phone
[Nokia 808 is the first Nokia Phone with Pureview ,and had been awarded “Best New Mobile Handset, Device or Tablet” at Mobile World Congress 2012”]

Here are the samples of Nokia Pureview cam shots –

Nokia Pureview Camera – Image samples (at night ,do you believe ?)
Image taken with other phones (Same object ,same time as  above )
Nokia Pureview Camera – Image samples (at night ,do you believe ?)
Same Girl is shot by one of other phones available today
image Hope this type of nigh time shots are more familiar for lot of us ,as to date all of our phones used to take images like this .

Want more information about Nokia Pureview  ? ,head over to it’s official page here [N8 was the best camera phone ever,and Lumia 820 and 920 has the best cameras at the moment )

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