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Samsung Galaxy S2 Vs. Galaxy S3–What are the differences ?

Galaxy S2 Vs S3

Galaxy S2 is the best Android phone ,and almost gave a new life for Android ,lot of people shifted to the platform because of the solid phone with good hardware specs .

Samsung launched the Galaxy S3  recently following the massive success of Galaxy S2 launched last year .

People still toss around to choose the best mobile phone this season. Here are some added functionalities of Galaxy S3 listed  ,and hope that will help you to choose a best phone for you .

New additions to the Galaxy S3 are:

  • S Voice – Voice assistant similar to Apple’s Siri  on iPhone 4S. The S Voice can do everything that Siri can plus it allows you to fully control your smartphone with voice commands.
  • S Beam – Allows transferring files with help of NFC and Wifi Direct. It means that you can transfer files between two NFC powered devices just by putting them together and conforming file transfer with a single tap.
  • Smart Stay – turns off the phone when you’re not looking at it and keeps it on while you are looking. This is great for reading, watching videos and other daily tasks.
  • Direct Call – lets you call a contact simply by bringing the phone to your ear. It saves you all of one or two screen taps.
  • Bigger Screen

Hardware Specs comparison between Galaxy S2 and S3

  • Processor : Galaxy S3 has a Quad-core  1.4 Ghz  ,Galaxy S2 runs on a 1.2 Ghz.
  • Display      : Galaxy S3-4.8-inch HD with a 1280 x 720 pixels resolution ,Galaxy S2- 4.3-inch with a 800 x 480 pixels resolution
  • Screen Pixel depth : S3 has 306 ppi pixel density while S2 has 217 ppi pixel

Here is the performance (Benchmark )comparison chart of most recent smartphones ,clear winner is Samsung Galaxy S3 !


Galaxy S3 tends to be the world’s fastest and smartest smart phone at the moment ,but lets wait and see Apple iPhone 5 brings what to the masses soon !.

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