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Nokia falls further down– lost the place of top 5

Nokia was in the place of top 5 mobile brands since IDC started to track the mobile brands positions since  2004  as per the International Data Corporation (IDC) Worldwide Quarterly Mobile Phone Tracker . But the Q3 0f 2012 results showing a steep downfall of Nokia . Nokia has been thrown away from the list of top 5 and RIM (research in motion )replaced Nokia .Nokia’s fall started few years back and the current C.E.O  Steve Elop made it fast .

Nokia is under mercy killing ?

Nokia(Nok) Quarter 3 sales in 2012 Vs Samsung Q3 Sales Vs Apple's Q3 Sales Table - 2012

Source: IDC Worldwide Mobile Phone Tracker, October 25, 2012

Nokia (Nok) Sshares on 2012 Oct

Source : Businesswire

Nokia is left with it’s last option to survive ?


Sales of Nokia’s flagship device Lumia 920 is going to decide the destiny of the company and C.E.O Stephen Elop both. It has been about  two  years since Stephen took charge as the C.E.O  of Nokia . Nokia had a great fall of the shares from the  time of shift to Windows phone  eco system leaving it’s home grown Symbian O/S. Reports suggest that in the quarter that ended in June, Nokia sold 6 million Symbian powered handsets  while it managed to sell less than 4 million Windows Phone powered handsets  in the same time period. It doesn’t seem a good gain of the market .

Stephen Elop’s responsibility is regaining  the market share of one time mobile giant .But things didn’t change to that level,but went worse. Microsoft’s WP is not an attractive O/S like the modern Android systems and iOS . Microsoft is struggling for many years to bring the WP O/S up ,the younger brother Android took up above 52% of the market share in US ,while the elder has about only 4% as per a report offered by Comscore in a quarter ending July 2012.

Windows Phone 8 + Lumia 920 = Nokia’s Fate

Nokia has a great hope on the upcoming Windows Phone  Lumia 920 but analysts see ,that nothing is gong to boom the market share . Apple has a great sale of above 2 Million iPhones within 24 hours of the launch online ,and Samsung sold about 20 million Galaxy S3 phones within the first 100 days of it’s launch ,there are more models are being baked up by other Competitors too. Nokia is not the only Windows Phone 8 hand set manufacturer ,HTC and Samsung are the other people to take into consideration . Samsung already started to take the leadership of the mobile market  and it has a good name for offering polished devices with some unique feature .HTC and Samsung both have announced their Windows 8 phone ,that will be in the market soon.

A delayed Windows Phone 8 ,a delay in the race for Nokia

Nokia has announced the Lumia 920 and Lumia 820 running Windows Phone 8 ,but the release date is unsure for the company itself as Microsoft is dragging the final release of the WP8 system. Apple iPhone5 and Samsung Galaxy S3 are already in the game . Nokia Lumia WP8 phones are going to be the late comers and make the situation bad . As analysts say “The Christmas of going to be Apple’s “

After the appointment of Stephen Elop ,it seems Nokia has jumped into the fire from the pan !

Is Nokia a loser ? Sadly fading out in Nokia’s own town

A Market research firm called IDC reported that Nokia’s market share in Finland have been fallen bye more than 50 percent in a year . This mobile phone sales of Finland  is compared with the figures of July-September 2010 and July-September 2011.

Nokia started to lose the strong fan base from the day of their Windows Phone announcement on February 2011. Nokia had taken a historical decision on that day , and it is a try to come out from their burning platform indeed . Nokia have released their very first Windows Phones recently ,by the names of Nokia Lumia 800 and 710 .


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