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New Nokia Lumia 920–Unique Features–Phone roundup

nokia lumia specs and features

Nokia has revealed its flagship device for the moment ,Nokia Lumia 920 yesterday (Sep-05)and the company puts a lots of hope on it . There are so many windows devices available in the market . Major market players like Samsung also announced   Windows 8 phones recently . It’s good to know that ,what are the special features Nokia Lumia 920 has, to stand alone within the crowd . Yet we couldn’t get our hands on it ,the following information is gathered from the official announcement .

Special features of Nokia Lumia 920

  • Nokia’s Pure View Camera – What does it mean? Blur free images at any circumstances
  • 8.7 Mega Pixel Cam Sensor
  • 4.5 “ Display Higher than HD quality-  1,280 Pix  x 768 pix
  • NFC chip
  • Wireless Charging capabilities (wireless charger is sold separately )
  • Lumia 920 got all-polycarbonate chassis
  • Dual-core 1.5GHz Snapdragon S4 processor (Like Samsung Galaxy S3 does)
  • Nokia City Lens- Augmented reality app to find information of locations spotted in your camera
  • Nokia maps with full Navigation free for life

Wireless Charger :


“Now you can boost your Nokia Lumia’s battery without plugging it in. Nokia Lumia 920 has wireless charging built-in. And you can charge Nokia Lumia 820 wirelessly by adding on a Wireless Charging Shell”.-Nokia


[Picture of Nokia Lumia 920 and Wireless Charging Pad]

Few Thoughts on Windows Phone 8

I have played with Windows Phone up to Version 7.5 ,and found a lots of restrictions ,Windows Phone 8 hopefully would be the same in case of its closed nature. It is too early to predict the future of Windows Phone 8 ,but the freedom you get on Android and the excitement you get on iPhone won’t be there ,I guess.

Tail Piece :

Windows Phone 8  may be good for masses ,it is simple to use ,number of options are minimal ,pretty easy configurations and the hardware specs of Lumia 920 seems good . But at a point of hi tech users ,Winodws need to innovate a lot ,Nokia can have only  minimum effects on its eco system by adding some good hardware ,and Nokia’s services like Maps, Free Navigation etc. In the raise of Andoroid phones and Apple Phones with iOS ,it is very challenging to face them with a bit of hardware advancements .

Nokia is about to rethink it’s strategy

As lot of bloggers including myself predicted in the past ,Nokia is about to rethink about it’s business relationship with Microsoft . Nokia has lost a huge amount of it’s loyal fans from the time of merger with Microsoft- and new Windows Phone deal .

Nokia adopts Android ?

In the recent interview aired on a Finnish TV, Risto Siilasmaa, a member of the Nokia board of directors, said that  company has " a backup plan" if Windows Phone 8 fails. And the rumor mill started to tell that is Android.

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Nokia Lumia 710–Official Photo Gallery

Nokia is trying hard for higher market share back with it’s new Windows Phones like Nokia Lumia 800 and Lumia 710. Nokia is shipping Lumia 710 today . I thought it is good to share some official images of Nokia 710 with you .


Nokia Lumia 710 Black

 nokia lumia 710 image1

See more Nokia Lumia 710 images after the break…

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