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You can Pre order Nokia Lumia 920 and Lumia 820 now–If you are in Europe

Nokia Lumia 920 pure view cam

Nokia Europe has opened there online shop and started to take pre orders of the two new devices .If you have the urge of using a Windows phone and ready to push out some extra bugs from your pocket then you can pre order the Nokia Windows phone now. Wait a bit ,the online pre order is now available for European customers only .

Germany ,Italy and Russian customers are allowed to do a pre order at the moment ,sooner more countries will be added hopefully .

Price tags of Nokia Lumia seems to be expensive .

Nokia Lumia 920 costs about $ 838 in Germany(Euro 649) and Lumia 820 costs about $ 645(Euro 499) there. But price of Lumia 920 is little better in Italy as it goes for Euro 599 but the Lumia 820 is given the same price tag as Germany.

Are you ready for a pre order ?

Nokia is left with it’s last option to survive ?


Sales of Nokia’s flagship device Lumia 920 is going to decide the destiny of the company and C.E.O Stephen Elop both. It has been about  two  years since Stephen took charge as the C.E.O  of Nokia . Nokia had a great fall of the shares from the  time of shift to Windows phone  eco system leaving it’s home grown Symbian O/S. Reports suggest that in the quarter that ended in June, Nokia sold 6 million Symbian powered handsets  while it managed to sell less than 4 million Windows Phone powered handsets  in the same time period. It doesn’t seem a good gain of the market .

Stephen Elop’s responsibility is regaining  the market share of one time mobile giant .But things didn’t change to that level,but went worse. Microsoft’s WP is not an attractive O/S like the modern Android systems and iOS . Microsoft is struggling for many years to bring the WP O/S up ,the younger brother Android took up above 52% of the market share in US ,while the elder has about only 4% as per a report offered by Comscore in a quarter ending July 2012.

Windows Phone 8 + Lumia 920 = Nokia’s Fate

Nokia has a great hope on the upcoming Windows Phone  Lumia 920 but analysts see ,that nothing is gong to boom the market share . Apple has a great sale of above 2 Million iPhones within 24 hours of the launch online ,and Samsung sold about 20 million Galaxy S3 phones within the first 100 days of it’s launch ,there are more models are being baked up by other Competitors too. Nokia is not the only Windows Phone 8 hand set manufacturer ,HTC and Samsung are the other people to take into consideration . Samsung already started to take the leadership of the mobile market  and it has a good name for offering polished devices with some unique feature .HTC and Samsung both have announced their Windows 8 phone ,that will be in the market soon.

A delayed Windows Phone 8 ,a delay in the race for Nokia

Nokia has announced the Lumia 920 and Lumia 820 running Windows Phone 8 ,but the release date is unsure for the company itself as Microsoft is dragging the final release of the WP8 system. Apple iPhone5 and Samsung Galaxy S3 are already in the game . Nokia Lumia WP8 phones are going to be the late comers and make the situation bad . As analysts say “The Christmas of going to be Apple’s “

After the appointment of Stephen Elop ,it seems Nokia has jumped into the fire from the pan !

Few reasons to buy Nokia Lumia 920 ,and one reason to Avoid

Should I buy Nokia Lumia 920 ?


Nokia Lumia 920 windows phone buying guide

Nokia Lumia 920,Finnish company’s mostly anticipated handset has been placed on the table. Most of the US carriers will start to offer Lumia 920 from October and November this year. It is reported that AT&T will  offer this windows phone 8  device from21st October  2012. So ,this is the time to have an overlook of Nokia Lumia 920 .Let us begin with the key attractions first.

Key and Attractive features of Nokia Lumia 920

  1. Pure Motion HD+ display
  2. 4.5” Large Display – If you compare with Apple iPhone5 ,yes it is a treat .
  3. Nokia Maps – Nokia is always best at it’s innovative Nokia Maps ,I don’t have any negative points to discuss on this .
  4. Pure View camera technology – Apart from providing highest quality images among the competitors, the ability to take incredibly good night shots .
  5. Windows Phone 8  – The latest Windows Mobile Operating system .
  6. Qi wireless charging – QI is the standard for wireless charging ,Nokia uses the technology inbuilt with it’s new handset. There are different types of charging pads available .
  7. Colour selection – Lumia 920 available around 5 colours to choose
  8. Nokia City Lens – It is an augmented reality application , you can see the point of interests around your location via your phone’s camera .[Click here for a small video ad of Nokia Lens)
  9. Nokia Music – Tons of free song downloads exclusively available for Nokia Lumia
  10. Exclusive Applications – Apps like Red Bull, Groupon with Augmented Reality and even Angry Birds Roost will all be coming   to Nokia Lumia first before anyone else   get them.
  11. A sexy Beautiful design – Nokia Lumia 920 is the most beautiful phone at the moment ,it is appealing .

Nokia Lumia 920 list of available colours

Nokia Lumia 920 seems to be an expensive handset today at an estimated price tag of $758 or £476 . But it is a perfect choice for any modest user . People really love simplicity should go for Nokia Lumia 920 .

Why Nokia Lumia 920 shouldn’t be your next phone ?

  1. Windows Phone 8 – The only reason ,techies don’t see Lumia 920 as the rocking phone is the operating system it runs on. After using a flexible O/S like Android and  after playing a sleek and innovative iOS ,definitely there is nothing on WP8 phone intuitive .  There is a massive numbers of apps available for WP8 but the productive natures of them are very limited. If you are an application junkie and want to have more and more in your phone ,like to  keep the phone updated for a long time with lot of different new versions of the O/S ,then Nokia Lumia 920 is not for you .

New Nokia Lumia 920–Unique Features–Phone roundup

nokia lumia specs and features

Nokia has revealed its flagship device for the moment ,Nokia Lumia 920 yesterday (Sep-05)and the company puts a lots of hope on it . There are so many windows devices available in the market . Major market players like Samsung also announced   Windows 8 phones recently . It’s good to know that ,what are the special features Nokia Lumia 920 has, to stand alone within the crowd . Yet we couldn’t get our hands on it ,the following information is gathered from the official announcement .

Special features of Nokia Lumia 920

  • Nokia’s Pure View Camera – What does it mean? Blur free images at any circumstances
  • 8.7 Mega Pixel Cam Sensor
  • 4.5 “ Display Higher than HD quality-  1,280 Pix  x 768 pix
  • NFC chip
  • Wireless Charging capabilities (wireless charger is sold separately )
  • Lumia 920 got all-polycarbonate chassis
  • Dual-core 1.5GHz Snapdragon S4 processor (Like Samsung Galaxy S3 does)
  • Nokia City Lens- Augmented reality app to find information of locations spotted in your camera
  • Nokia maps with full Navigation free for life

Wireless Charger :


“Now you can boost your Nokia Lumia’s battery without plugging it in. Nokia Lumia 920 has wireless charging built-in. And you can charge Nokia Lumia 820 wirelessly by adding on a Wireless Charging Shell”.-Nokia


[Picture of Nokia Lumia 920 and Wireless Charging Pad]

Few Thoughts on Windows Phone 8

I have played with Windows Phone up to Version 7.5 ,and found a lots of restrictions ,Windows Phone 8 hopefully would be the same in case of its closed nature. It is too early to predict the future of Windows Phone 8 ,but the freedom you get on Android and the excitement you get on iPhone won’t be there ,I guess.

Tail Piece :

Windows Phone 8  may be good for masses ,it is simple to use ,number of options are minimal ,pretty easy configurations and the hardware specs of Lumia 920 seems good . But at a point of hi tech users ,Winodws need to innovate a lot ,Nokia can have only  minimum effects on its eco system by adding some good hardware ,and Nokia’s services like Maps, Free Navigation etc. In the raise of Andoroid phones and Apple Phones with iOS ,it is very challenging to face them with a bit of hardware advancements .

Nokia revealed new Windows 8 Phone – Lumia 920–With wireless charging !


The one time King of phones and the current weaker player in the market ,Nokia held  a press conference in New York and announced it new devices to the masses .

Company’s C.E.O Elop started the event ,and the smart phone team head Jo Harlow revealed the flagship device Windows Phone 8-powered Lumia 920.


Hardware /Software Specs of Nokia Lumia 920

“new Lumia sports a 4.5-inch 720p display, a 1.5 GHz Snapdragon S4 processor, a 2,000 mAh battery. Again, not exactly the sort of spec sheet that will set your world on fire — it’s on par with many current high-end Android devices — but Windows Phone has never been the most hardware-intensive mobile OS out there.” –Techcrunch

What is new in Lumia 920

Of course ,Nokia has something new here ,Lumia is capable of wireless charging ,just put in on a wireless charging pillow ,or station ,device gets charged !

Nokia Lumia 920 got a pureview 8.7-megapixel camera ,and claimed to be a best camera of the time . Nokia Lumia 920 comes with Nokia Maps and Free Navigation .

Tail Piece

As we expected ,that Nokia didn’t offer anything interesting  today  ,  as I have predicted in my other blog [Symbiandreams.com] some time ago ,Nokia is a definite loser  ,they have to do something and they know that they are breathing last . Sad smile 

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