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New Phone with new Operating System from Ex Nokia Staff–Coming soon

Jolla Mobile's Meego Phone- Will it look like this Nokia N9 ?

There were speculations about some other competitive mobile operating systems on work at many places ,including Intel Company . Android ,iOS and Windows Phone are the major mobile operating systems today. Meego was another attempt by Nokia ,earlier they have released only one phone-N9 with Meego ,then they have shifted to Windows platform . Nokia N9 believed to be a solid phone ,so far they have made .

In 2010 A group of Nokia employees worked under Meego division and some other important divisions ,had been spelled out by then ,new C.E.O Stephen Elop as Meego platform had been abandoned . The team had started a new company called Jolla Mobile . C.E.O of Jolla Mobile Mr.Jussi Hurmola had confirmed that they are going to launch smartphone with Meego by the end of this year . As per Zdnet ,Mr.Hurmola said  that they have about 50 employees at present(August/2012) and looking forward to employ 100 people by the end of this year .

New Mobile from Jolla Mobile would  bring some unique features :

  • It will run on Meego Operating system ,but not the same UI  Nokia N9 has – You get some fresh air to breath
  • New Maps and navigation system – Hope no more nose cuts like Apple does in their Maps
  • New Meego Application store and apps
  • A new Meego eco system developed with users ,careers and developers
  • Some unique hardware features – But the press release from the company indicates they are more concern about the software

New Meego handset is expected to be released by the end of this year (Before Christmas ? ).

More new devices in the market will bring more quality offerings as the result of competition .Hope we would have some more  better devices soon .

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