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Galaxy Note II gets new firmware update–Video Preview and Update Guide

Samsung Galaxt Note 2 video review

People at Samsung work hard continuously  to bring over more interesting features to the flagship devices. Samsung’s R&D division released/leaked  a trial version of the next Note II’s firmware update called  7100XXDLJ2 . The new firmware of Note II has a beautiful lock screen effect to play with and kill your time. The video bellow  explains you about the new Ink spread effect on the Note II (Really, I am not much impressed about it )

Features/Changelog of N7100XXDLJ2 –Note II

  • New Group Cast application
  • Updated notification toggles
  • Customizable notification panel
  • Swype-like continuous input for Samsung Keyboard
  • Albeit  this seems to be a minor update ,you may want it for the cool lock screen effects at least .

    How to update your Note II for the new firmware N7100XXDLJ2

    Warning : installing an un approved pre release  Firmware always risky  ,it may bring your device to a brick level . But if you an an advanced user ,and follow the instructions on the guide here ,will enjoy the new stuff before others get on hands . Installing un official firmware voids your warranty .

    Visit this link to find the details of update and guide : N7100XXDLJ2 Firmware update

    How to save data cost and battery life of my Android Phone ? – Mini Guide

    This guide is for the new buddies  at Android platform

    android phone battery life problemsandoird platfrom guideWi-Fi and Data connection settings on Android phones
    If you are owning an Android phone and you are new to the O/S environment  ,you might have been going through a massive data usage-disaster   (for Google services ) . Connection to the internet  is enabled by default on your Android phones in most  cases .As a new user of  Android earlier I was thinking that ,internet connectivity cannot be stopped in the Android system. But which was untrue .

    The more your phone uses the data connection ,the more your battery runs out . This mini guide would help you to save the battery life and Data cost both in your Android phone.

    There are few things  ,that you can do to stop unwanted data use over your valuable data plan .

    1. Try to use the Wi-Fi  – Switch on the Wi-Fi  connection ,when it is available . Using the Wi-Fi connection automatically stops the Mobile Data connection over your carrier . Wi-Fi connection uses lesser power than any other mobile data connection ,which saves a lot of battery .

      how to switch off on wi fi in ICS,Galaxy phones,Android

    2. Switch off the data connection permanently – Just go to Applications folder > Settings > More(under Wireless and network)>Mobile networks>Tick off  the check box at “Use Mobile Data” option.You can switch on the data connection by following the same steps ,when ever you need it .

      how to switch off/on data connection on Samsung Galaxy / Android phones

    3. Set the Google Play to update the applications ,on Wi-Fi connections only – If you have plenty of Apps downloaded from Google Play ,then whenever the update is available ,your phone will   download it ,but you know the applications  are normally big in file size and can consume a lot of data use . You can change this nature at the Google Play application. Go to Google Play Store >>Tab the options(left bottom of the screen)>Settings>Tick “Update over Wi-Fi only” ,done !
      how to set google play to update over wi fi connections only

    After you stopped using the data connection ,you will see a massive boost in your battery life !

    And more: There are some more typical ways to increase the battery life such as decrease the screen brightness etc, but I don’t want to have a low life with the hi end device (hope you would too),so ,the steps I have given here is for a better battery use and best data use.


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