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Finally iPhone’s Lightning Cable got duplicated–Just $9.00

apple iphone5 lightning calbe thirt party duplicate

It’s a quick heads up !

At last the Chinese people have won the battle ,found the way of   crafting Apple iPhone’s lightning cable . Apple installed some chips inside the cable in order to avoid duplication of the product and maintain the quality . But it lasted only for some time . A famous Chinese parts manufacturer(iPhone5Mod) had made the duplicate lightning cable and about to offer the half of the original cable’s price . While Apple currently offer the lightning cable for $19.00 ,the Chinese company is willing to offer for $9 and there will be USD 4 additional shipping charge if you want to get it in US.  After adding the shipping charges the new stuff comes closer to the original’s price .iPhone5Mod announced that they will start shipping the cables from November 2012 .

Source – BGR

iPhone 5 back case– easily gets scratched –users complain !


Following the release of iOS 6 ,people had some displeasure over the   Apple Maps  ,but this time it is the hardware of Apple iPhone 5. Users from different places of world complain that the Back Cover of new iPhone5 gets scratches and marks of wear and tear easily . I had a very bad personal experience on testing the Gorilla glass of my Samsung Galaxy S2 by scratching my car keys on it for a demo and got some scratches at last. But this seems to be a different case ,users are not doing any risk taking tests on the Apple iPhone5 and it simply gets the scratch marks at the back on day to day use .

Keep the  back case of iPhone 5 scratch free

It is wise to buy an iPhone5 case and keep the glamorous device safe ,hope Apple would correct it in the upcoming batch of products .

iPhone 5 sold over 2 Million units within 24 hrs. –Loyal customers made a great day .

iphone 5 pre order price

Despite of the criticism over the lacking   hardware specs for the modern days ,iPhone5 has ,the loyal customers of Apple , have pre ordered about 2 Million iPhone 5 devices within the first 24 hours. Apple is  world’s most successful  and profitable company  today.

“iPhone 5 pre-orders have shattered the previous record held by iPhone 4S and the customer response to iPhone 5 has been phenomenal,” said Philip Schiller, Apple’s senior vice president of Worldwide Marketing. “iPhone 5 is the best iPhone yet, the most beautiful product we’ve ever made, and we hope customers love it as much as we do.”

Apple iPhone5 sells like a hot cake ,and it created a record of sales online ever made for a phone

  • Apple iPhone 5 has started a hi speed upgrading pattern (Users of iPhone 4S with contracts still have time for update )
  • Apple knows how to create a magic ,Apple has a mass appeal and huge base of die hard fans ,no doubt.
  • iPhone 5 sales doubled the sales of iPhone 4S had within it’s first 24 hrs. ,means the craze has been grown further .

Price of apple iphone unlocked aorund the world

How iPhone5 inspired by Microsoft’s Naming Policy ?

apple iPhone4s vs. iPhone5 screen compared


Back to 90s . I remembered the times of Windows fast phased growth  ,Microsoft’s first true GUI (Without DOS support in the back end like W 3.1 etc)was Windows 95 . After the massive success of Windows 95 Microsoft launched Windows 98 ,then the perfect  error free version  Windows 98 Se debuted . Microsoft was on the headline  those days like Apple does this month .

There was a story ,about how Bill Gates chooses the Team Manager  for Windows 2000 team :

There were three highly professional programmers sat out side of the Bill Gate’s office . Interview started !

Candidate No 1 at Interview :

Bill Gates : What are the core changes you expect to have on the upcoming windows 2000 ?

Candidate 1 : Sir, we have to improve the multitasking capabilities ,internet ……..blablablabla……….(and finished )

[Bill Gates Noted on his file “Rejected”]

Candidate No 2 at Interview :

Bill Gates : How would you create Windows 2000 ?

Candidate 1 : it is not a simple task ,as people have expectations , I want to keep the upcoming Windows 2000 as a game changer , the whole new icons, whole new working environment………mm….(and finished )

[Bill Gates Noted on his file “Rejected”]

Candidate No 3 at Interview :

Bill Gates : How would you create Windows 2000, come up with your ides ?

Candidate 1 : Smiled for a second  ,told Gates “Sir I would rather change the startup  screen of Win 98  as Windows 2000 “

Bill Gates Cried out “ You are the right choice ,you the Manager of the team ,get the appointment letter downstairs !

Ok ,how would this story comply with iPhone5 ?

do you see any major change in  iPhone 5 over iPhone 4S ,other than the version number ?


Waves of Apple iPhone5 – highlights

iPhone5 highlights features

I Thought to give some updates on the interesting iPhone5 waves .

iPhone 5 was announced on 12th of September 2012 ,by Apple ,tech world is busy on  fact finding masses are busy on pre ordering Apple iPhone 5.

  • Pros and Cons of Apple iPhone5 discussed – Apple iPhone is bigger,slimmer ,faster than iPhone4S ,and has faster LTE(7th generation)data connectivity .These are the new additions to the company’s new phone. iOS 6 is the core of the iphone6 ,but all other iProducts would get the iOS 6 update company claimed . What is felt after the announcements  , oops ..nothing enough to be excited on iPhone5.[read the iPhone 5 and iPhone 4s comparison here ]
  • You may find our previous post has more interesting information about the innovation in iPhone 5 –
  • Apple iPhone 5 is not a game changer anyway ,What is new there to care ?

  • iPhone5 Sales blown –pre order of iPHone5 exceeded the pre order amount of iPhone 4S ,a record from Apple – iPhone5 has been available  at  online stores for pre order from 13th of Friday ,Apple claimed to had a great number of sales within an hour time ,the same number they got via iPhone 4s sales last year took a day period .Apple changed the shipment period from 1 week to 2 weeks after an hour time since the orders exceeded their expected numbers .wow !
  • iPhone5 can’t offer data connection and voice simultaneously – Reports are coming from the corners of world ,that Apple iPhone5 has a radio signal problem that prevents it from having data and voice connection on CDMA networks at the same time. 
  • 3 sets of radio technologies and three types of iPhone 5 to work in different carriers – So ,there no one thing to work worldwide ,you may have difficulties in using the iPhone ,if you on a trip to some countries ,where they have a different type of network.

Finally iPhone 5 is revealed now ! Key Note and coverage from Apple’s Event–iPod touch ,iPod Nano and more

iphone5 original image

Live feed updates from Apple’s Media briefing about iPhone 5 and other new i-Products today –12th September 2012

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(Live blogging log)

Apple’s new phone is called  iPhone 5.

iPhone 5 made entirely of glass and aluminum.

iPhone 5 is thinnest & lightest iPhone ever. 7.6mm thick, 18% thinner than 4S. Weighs 112 grabs. 20% lighter than 4S.

iPhone 5 is same retina display, 4″ display

1137 tall by 640 px wide, 16×9 aspect ratio.

5 rows of icons on home screen. Web shows more content. More room in calendar. This is a different thing, folks.

iPhone 5 got LTE support

LTE on iPhone 5 in USA: AT&T, Verizon, Sprint.

a6 Faster chip on iPhone5

iPhone 5’s Battery Life

Exceed battery life of iPhone 4S. 8 hours of 3G talk time. 10 hours of video
playback. 40 hours of music playback. 8 hours of LTE browsing.


Wow-iPhone5 Camera

8 megapixel sensor. 3264×2448 backside illuminated. hybrid IR filter, 5 element lens, fast f 2.4 aperture. now 25% smaller.

New camera now has dynamic low light mode, precision lens alignment, sapphire crystal lens cover (which makes it much harder to scratch).

Front-facing camera is now 720p HD

Take photos while you shoot videos

iphone 5 camera specifications

Audio and other features of iPhone5

3 Micro phones built in

iOS 6 comes with iPhone5

Turn to turn 3D maps from Apple (Not Google)

Siri is much improved in iOS 6

iPhone 5 Colours and body

this ism the iphone5 black and white

iPhone 5 comes in black & white

iPhone 5 is taller but NOT wider,so they make sure that still you can hold the phone in hand .

iphone5 features-announced

Price of Apple iPhone5 in US

$199 299 399 16 32 64GB, two year contract

Pre order date for Apple iPhone – 14th of September 2012.

Shipment starts on 21st of September 2012

iPod 5th gen  –7th gen Nano revealed

ipod 5 nano

4” retina display as iPhone 5 ,A5 chip ,slimmer ,most powerful

Thinnest iPod touch. 88 grams.

6mm thin.

New Nano iPod Touch. More beautiful, more portable, more feature rich, but also more battery life. Longest battery life with 30h of music playback.


40 hours of music playback in the new touch, and  up to 8 hours of video playback.

Multi touch available ,pinch to zoom works fine.

Bluetooth integrated for the first time ,so that you  can stream the music

ipod touch 7th gen

Devices announced today at Apple’s Event (12th of September 2012)



New iTunes (PC and MAC )and iPods have been revealed , all other updates will be covered in the next post ,live blogging has been ended  at TeckDiary.com by now..

Apple Confirmed the Event on 12th of September 2012–iPhone 5 ?

Mark your Calendar dudes ,Apple iPhone 5 would be released on 12th September .

Apple iPhone 5 or whatever you name it,most anticipated new device from Apple is ready for public appearance and it has been confirmed today  .Apple sent email invitations today for an event on 12th of September 10.00 AM at Yerba Buena Center ,San Francisco. As Apple is always tight lipped ,the content of the event is not disclosed . But media guess at its best,Apple used to release new iPhone version every 12 months and there was about 15 months gap between iPhone4 and iPhone4s . This is the time for a new device as per Apple’s device launching cycle .


While Keep your finger crossed until the event ,lets go through the rumored specifications of Apple iPhone 5 :

  • Apple iPhone 5 may have new redesigned ear buds.


  • New redesigned  iOS 6 App Store of iPhone 5


You may have some new Apple Store on your device with the new release .

  • Apple iPhone 5 would be larger  with  4.08-inch screen.

  • iPhone 5 would be ( probably) available on the 21st.

  • It should have LTE connectivity, iOS 6 ,Sri Voice integration 

And ,you shouldn’t be surprised ,if Apple will reveal Apple iPad Mini on the same day !

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