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Finally iPhone’s Lightning Cable got duplicated–Just $9.00

apple iphone5 lightning calbe thirt party duplicate

It’s a quick heads up !

At last the Chinese people have won the battle ,found the way of   crafting Apple iPhone’s lightning cable . Apple installed some chips inside the cable in order to avoid duplication of the product and maintain the quality . But it lasted only for some time . A famous Chinese parts manufacturer(iPhone5Mod) had made the duplicate lightning cable and about to offer the half of the original cable’s price . While Apple currently offer the lightning cable for $19.00 ,the Chinese company is willing to offer for $9 and there will be USD 4 additional shipping charge if you want to get it in US.  After adding the shipping charges the new stuff comes closer to the original’s price .iPhone5Mod announced that they will start shipping the cables from November 2012 .

Source – BGR

iPhone 5 back case– easily gets scratched –users complain !


Following the release of iOS 6 ,people had some displeasure over the   Apple Maps  ,but this time it is the hardware of Apple iPhone 5. Users from different places of world complain that the Back Cover of new iPhone5 gets scratches and marks of wear and tear easily . I had a very bad personal experience on testing the Gorilla glass of my Samsung Galaxy S2 by scratching my car keys on it for a demo and got some scratches at last. But this seems to be a different case ,users are not doing any risk taking tests on the Apple iPhone5 and it simply gets the scratch marks at the back on day to day use .

Keep the  back case of iPhone 5 scratch free

It is wise to buy an iPhone5 case and keep the glamorous device safe ,hope Apple would correct it in the upcoming batch of products .

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