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Un clickable links at TecKdiary has been solved


teckdiary.com links

For last three days ,there was a mayhem at TecKdiary.com ,the links on our home page gone un clickable for ever . If you wanted to read an article at TecKdiary.com and clicked it , nothing would  happen ,pages related to the links never load . As I am, the guy who is looking into the technical area of this blog,and I  was on a short trip to up countries the chaos was continuing ,I’m back to the accessible life and solved the problem right now. The famous text ad revenue program “Infolinks”  caused the trouble at our site . Now we have removed the Infolinks ads (for the time being ) and the links are doing the job assigned ! We are in the process of finding the conflicting plugin with Infolink and sort out the matter .

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