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Purplish shots from iPhone 5 camera !- bug on it’s camera ?

iPhone 5 Vs. iPhone 4 Vs Professional camera shots compared for purple effect on iphone 5

[Image courtesy – Mashable]

Apple iPhone 5 is on the hot seat these days . There are many unknown secrets are being uncovered everyday as the user experience also is growing every day. Last few weeks we have seen some issues related Apple’s Map ,and this should be the week of Apple’s Camera .

iPhone 5  is seeing things purplish ?

iPhone 5 purple colour cam shot sample

[Image courtesy : Gizmodo.com]

Users of iPhone5 have been complaining about the purple colour appears in some photos of iPhone 5. Mashable.com has  released some interesting evidences of iPhone5’s photo capability.  Here you are seeing the purple colour near the sun on one of this photos ,it is understood that the very bright objects cause the camera to translate some purple colour from the light.

The error is so far complained by a small number of users ,but it is not sure whether all phones have the same problem or only few batches got this issue. Chief editor of http://gizmodo.com have taken a photo to show that his iPhone5 also sucks in the same way (the last photo above)

“While the reason for this is unknown, the users claim that they have been told by Apple support that the issue is widespread and that they are looking into it. One theory that has been forwarded to explain the phenomenon pins the blame on the sapphire crystal lens cover which has been used in iPhone 5′s camera.

The cover is meant to protect the camera lens from scratches. However, a purple sapphire lens may refract the light so as to leave a purple halo on a photo taken in front of a light source. Of course that’s just a theory for now and we are waiting for Apple to give the official word on it”. A tech blog Suggests

We are not sure whether the problem has been created by the hardware or software of the Apple iPhone 5 . If it is software, sooner you will get a patch over the air .

if you own the very new iPhone 5 and have you experienced something similar ,why don’t you share it here  ?

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