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Google discontinues AdSense for Feeds

Google stops Adsense for RSS feeds

Google has sent notification emails for the AdSense publisher today ,stating that they are no longer supporting AdSense for Feeds. AdSense is a program from Google ,that helps the web site owners to make money(of course Google ! )by showing relevant ads for the content of the web site. AdSense falls into few categories like Image/Text Ad units,Ads on Custom Search and Ads for feeds . If a web site publisher, partnered with Google has enabled the AdSense for Feeds ,then the feeds will show advertisements and makes the publisher to earn a little income via user clicks . But ,I guess that due to the very low levels of ad conversion rates ,(users normally don’t pay much attention for ads within a RSS reader, mostly they are ad blinded ) ,Google has taken a decision to quit it .

Anyway ,It is a good news for the people who reads RSS feeds a lot ,no embarrassing ADs at all .

Bellow is the email sent by Google to the AdSense Publishers :


We’re contacting you because you’ve enabled AdSense for feeds in your AdSense account. After carefully evaluating the product, we’ve decided to retire AdSense for feeds.

Starting December 3, 2012, we’ll discontinue serving ads via AdSense for feeds on RSS feeds and you’ll no longer see feed units in your My ads tab. To check if you’re currently generating any revenue from AdSense for feeds, visit your “Products” performance report and look for recent data for “AdSense for feeds”.

Please note that reporting on your feed ad units will remain available following the product retirement. FeedBurner URLs powered by Google will continue to function, but will no longer serve ads. As a result, it won’t be necessary to redirect your subscribers to different URLs or to take any other action in your account. For more details please visit the AdSense Help Center.

Rest assured, this upcoming change won’t affect the availability of other AdSense products that you’re currently using.

We appreciate your understanding and thank you for your patience as we continue to develop new features and offerings within AdSense.

Sincerely, The Google AdSense Team

Google’s Easter Egg for December 2011 ! ,Have you tried ever ?

google.com easter egg 1

Google used to offer Easter eggs time to time. Easter eggs are the hidden tricks of the famous software programs. Normally developing a software is merely boring job ,as you have to do the same thing over and over ,programmers found a way to have some fun in their boring job by putting Easter eggs and letting the users find it .
A hide and find game.

Google offers a way to have some fun with their Easter egg this season.


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How does face detection unlock your Galaxy Nexus phones ? Video.

face unlock in google's android platform ice cream sandwich and nexus


One of the new features available in the Android Ice cream sandwich is Unlocking the screen with your face . Google advertises their Samsung Galaxy Nexus phone now on TV’s. I am admired by this pretty boy in the video ,you may too. Watch this video to know how does the face detection work in Android now .



Google Nexus–face detection

Watch one more video of Samsung Galaxy Nexus after a short break …

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