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Apple iOS6 users get Google Maps on Browser with Street View !

Web version of Google Maps offers Street view

Google has rolled out the most anticipated Google Maps –Web Version with Street View now. This Google update comes soon after the disappointment caused by Apple Maps and Obviously  Google targets the Apple iPhone users .

This new Google Map update is not a native iOS 6 app ,even though the users of iOS6 can breath some fresh air now ,as they can have full access to the standard Google Maps over their phone browsers . I have just tried the Google Maps in my Android Phone and felt pretty cool about the street views . Street view is not available for my country and there may be some folks like me ,wondering how to see the street view , Just  try “Los Angels” in the search box of  Google Maps. It is available for most of the world’s major cities ,mainly in US,Canada and Europe .

Google maps for Browser /Apple iPhone5 ios6

How to get Google Maps on iOS 6 /iPhone 5

Google maps on iPhone5

Probably you are fed up with the Apple Map by this time and searching for some better app .The C.E.O of Apple itself, has suggested to move iOS6 users to alternative solutions for Maps while they figuring out the way to make it perfect .

If you have updated your Existing iPhone4/4S ,any other iPads to iOS6 or you have purchased the latest iPhone5 ,now you have lost the great Google Maps.

How to get Google Maps in your iPhone and how to get a permanent shortcut in your phone ?

The stand alone Google Maps has been removed by the Apple in iOS6 ,but still you can use the web version for your mapping needs .

iOS 6 users should open their web browser and navigate to maps.Google.com. The Google Maps web app will ask to use your current location. To save Google Maps to your home screen, in Safari tap the share button at the bottom center of the screen (with the arrow and box). Then tap Add to Home Screen.

Enter a name for the shortcut or leave the entry as "Google Maps" and tap the Add button. From now on, you can immediately launch Google Maps from the home screen.

Loading time may be little longer as it has to be downloaded from internet .

Enjoy !

Google showing you the beauty of underwater now !-Updated Maps

Google has updated the maps with some interesting underwater view ,as usual the search giant has the best offering here too. The number of area covered in Google’s underwater view is very limited but it is giving a feast to our eyes.My 6 years old son and I had a great time with this turtle found in Google maps ,so hope you too.

google underwater maps

How to see the Google’s underwater maps ?

Here are ,some links for underwater sights ,given by Google on it’s blog post today , Just click on ,to  explore the covered world under water .

Watch this official video of Google underwater maps, which shows you some interesting moments of creation .

google underwater maps

Source-Google .

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