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Cam Card–Just take a photo of name cards ,and save as contact– lite and pro versions – review


Hi folks ,it’s a mini review of a Name card scanner application for Android .

As a business professional most of us used to get a lot of business cards from others ,and normally we don’t get time to save those data in our phone ,just put in a card holder and forget it .

When there is a need only we suffer a lot  to do a Google job in our card holders .

Cam card for Android


Cam Card is an application available for Android ,iOS,Blackberry and Java phones . This can make use of your phone’s camera to take a photo of the name card/business card and automatically converts it into your contacts . I have already reviewed similar app from Symbian platform few years back .


Cam card is available in Lite (Free) version and Pro(Paid)version ,you can download a free version to try and once you are satisfied with the app ,you can get the paid version that is currently under $4 at Google play store .

What I am happy about Cam Card for Android

  1. It is very accurate ,just take a photograph of a card at automatically converts it into phone data faster.
  2. The free version also offers you full functionality
  3. You can upload the data of the Cam Card by creating an account with them for free.
  4. if the program doesn’t understand any field ,you have the chance to edit it before save


If the  business cards are printed in a very cluttered manner or the information there is un organized then you have to do lot of manual entry .

How to download the CamCard app for free ?

Go to Google play and search “CamCard”



NB: I am using a paid version now ,as I always respect the hard work of developers ,and becoming a paid user when the application is really useful . Smile

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