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Samsung Galaxy S4 release in March 2013–Officially Denied

The speculation about the Samsung’s Galaxy lineup – Galaxy S 4 and the release date ,officially denied by Samsung today in an official Twitter message sent in Koran Language. At TecKdiary.com we have reported the rumor of Galaxy S 4 a little while ago .

Samsung Galaxy S4 More news and speculation

Which is rumor and Which is true –Samsung Galaxy S4

Samsung stated in the tweet :

“you can now rest assured that your shiny smartphone will not be replaced with a newer model only 10 months after launch. And those who were hoping to see the fourth Galaxy S smartphone earlier than expected, better brace yourselves for a lengthier wait.”

This is the original Tweet sent by Samsung Korea :

Official tweet sent by Samsung about Galaxy S4

We stand by the story revealed at the blogosphere including TecKdiary.com  ,few points are vital to consider  ,that :

  • Samsung has developed the proto type of Galaxy S4 already
  • In this tweet ,only the release date is dragged but not any rejection over the Galaxy S4 Specs or existence casted .
  • The upcoming phone – Galaxy S4 will have larger screen ,nearly 5"
  • Galaxy S4 should be slimmer than S3
  • Release date should be earlier(First quarter of 2012) than Galaxy S3 did (not the forth quarter of a  year )

Folks , we all know the most of the hardware specs of the Apple iPhone 5 already before the release ,and nothing surprised us at the launch ,hope the same thing will happen with the Galaxy S4 .

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