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Google’s Gesture Search–an amazing app for calling contacts faster

Best Free Android app- Google Gesture Search

Google Gesture Search –Best app for touch screens

Just draw the first letters of the person you want to call or the name of the application you want to start from your crowded app collection ,Google Gesture Search displays the most used contacts in the most appropriate order (For people used to have thousands of contacts, this is the ultimate way of getting things done faster )

Samsung Note 2-N7100 vs. Note 1 N7000-Screen Resolution- an Issue ?

Samsung Galaxy Note 1 vs. Note 2 Display resolution

Samsung Galaxy Notes;Note 1 and Note 2 both are very revolutionary devices at the moment. Samsung proves continuously  that it is a company with huge creativity ,needed to the industry . People who just go through the specifications of the Samsung Note 1&2  put on the sheet have some confusions .

Screen Resolutions of Notes – Is it a problem indeed ?

Samsung Galaxy Note 2(N7100) is the next version of the successful Galaxy Note 1(N7000) ,which should have more powerful hardware than the predecessor ,and it does. Galaxy Note II has a quad core 1.6 Ghz Processor while Note I has a dual core 1.4 Ghz processor  ,Galaxy Note 1 has a 5.3” Screen but the new one has a 5.5” screen and the specifications are going high in the new Galaxy Note II ,which is a true upgrade for the successor .

But the screen /display resolution of the  phones have something tricky to understand  by everyone . Samsung Note 1 has a 800 x 1280 pixels display but the new upgrade ,Note 2 has a 720 X 1280 Pixels on it .

What is the impact it can have on your eyes ?

Really next to nothing-you don’t feel anything negatively  . The Samsung note one is 146.9 mm height  x 83 mm wide ,but the new Note 2 is little bit taller and lesser wider(151.1 x 80.5 x 9.4 mm ) than the predecessor ,it gives enough excuse to have a lessor pixel ratio . When the device is bigger horizontally ,it requires more lines to draw to produce pictures with higher quality ,that’s why Note 1 has 800 pixels horizontally and the comparatively smaller (horizontally )Note 2 has 720 Pixels . So you will barely notice any difference on the displays of the phones.

Conclusion : Note 2 has a best display to satisfy your eyes ,but not the specification sheets .

Interestingly ,Samsung Galaxy S3 too has the same resolution of Galaxy Note 2 (but since it has smaller screen ,that would offer more quality logically )

Let’s have a look of the pixel density of the devices as per the screen sizes

Galaxy SII Galaxy SIII Galaxy Note 2 Galaxy Note 1
217 Pix 306 Pix 267 Pix 285 Pix

If you have used the glorious Galaxy SII(217 pix density) ,then you would have had a great viewing pleasure on it , you can imagine that the note 2  which has more pixels comparatively(267 Pix density)would definitely offer better images on it.

Just go for it ! Note 2 is ,creative ,intuitive and more productive phablet of the time.

Galaxy SIII–World’s best selling smartphone -2012

Samsung Galaxy S2 Vs. S3 specs ,differences explained

As per the 3rd quarter of 2012,  smartphone sales data provided by a tech-stat company ….. Samsung Galaxy S3 grabbed the top most position by the number of sales .18 million units of  S3 have been sold during the three-month period, which accounts for a smartphone market share of 11%. The second place belongs to Apple, which has moved about 16.2 million units of the iPhone 4S. But people are expecting a position change over by iPhone 5 in the coming quarter ,as it enjoyed 2 millions unit of pre order on the launch day itself.

Samsung Note 2 ,already started to get lot of attention in the market ,hope to be the next big thing ,apart from S3 and Apple iPhone 5 .

Pros and Cons of Samsung Galaxy SIII

Are you  buying  a Samsung Galaxy SIII any soon ?

I have personally advised lots of colleagues to buy Samsung Galaxy SIII as the reports coming from all around the world are very positive . But   there are some complains (as everything in the world has)raising up on Galaxy S3 now. Let us have a look at it and try to estimate the level of threat .

1)Samsung Galaxy  S3’s Wi-Fi connectivity  has some issues

Samsung Galaxy has the highest speed data connectivity – LTE an it is claimed to be very cool all the times. But the mostly used Wi-Fi has some slow and  signal strength problems. It means surfing the web on a Wi-Fi connection on a Samsung Galaxy SIII is not that easy as using it’s LTE . But the complains have made on few units only ,there for you are likely to get a good unit more probably ,but it’s good to check your new device for the connectivity problem and return back it for warranty claims . You can state as the Wi-Fi radio has some problem in your device .

Tip – Some steps you can take to rectify the Wi-Fi issue in your Galaxy SIII (it worked for someone )

  • Go to Wi-Fi settings of your phone >> Turn off the Power saving option  .

2)Samsung S Voice – The Voice command feature is not much advanced as advertised


Samsung Direct call on Galaxy S3 demo

Reports suggest that Samsung Galaxy S3’s S-Voice, a feature that uses your voice commands to perform certain tasks like ‘calling a contact ,sending test messages’ are pretty same like the previous versions  (S2) People who have tested the S-Voice ,telling it pretty much same as Apple’s Siri  and no improvement over it.

3)S3’ Memory Expansion slot permits  upto 64 GB but….

Unlike other Samsung devices ,Galaxy S3 doesn’t allow you to install applications on the external memory . The external memory chip can be used to store your images and videos but not to keep applications. But you have note that the 16 GB model from S3 holds a 11 GB of space for all of your applications and which is a plenty of space for apps.

4)Mass storage mode gone – Cant use your Samsung Galaxy S3 as a Flash drive

You might have seen many times a pop up window whenever you connect your previous phones with your PC and able to open the memory card seamlessly like you do with your PC’s hard drive . That kind connectivity has been gone now . Samsung Galaxy S3 can be connected with your PC via Samsung Kies – the toughest application ,and the worse interface designed to transfer data and browse your phone on a PC. This is due to some security constraints ,I guess. so if you want to open your phone’s memory on a PC ,you should have the Samsung Kies installed in the PC .Sad smile 

Summery of Cons of Samsung Galaxy S3 :

I don’t see above problems are more effective for most of the users unless the wireless connectivity issue ,as those  are very very minimal for an average user . The tech survey users will find out the third party software solutions to expand the capabilities of the device (i.e. :you can install apps on the external memory by rooting the device )and hopefully all problems will be addresses in the upcoming minor software updates .

Pros of the Samsung Galaxy S3

We have written here enough and all other features you enjoy are the pros ,and you can find it all over the blog and from the related posts here ! Smile 

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