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Galaxy Note II Surpasses 5 Million Units

Galaxy Note II Vs Samsung Galaxy S III

Galaxy Note II is producing more interesting results in number of sales .Actually Galaxy SIII suppose to be the flagship device from Samsung for the masses and the Note II is expected to cover up a small niche worldwide. But the sales figures of Note II shows  that it has blown off .

Samsung announced earlier this month that the Galaxy Note II sold 3 million units in 37 days, and that initial run of success continued as Samsung announced today that the Galaxy Note II has already surpassed 5 million sales worldwide.

Global availability has increased sales and notoriety of the phone. After initially being available only in South Korea, the Galaxy Note II has reached major markets in Africa, Asia, Europe, Latin America, the Middle East, and North America. Only a few months after its release, Samsung is on-track to meet its estimate of selling 20 million units of the Galaxy Note II.

Source : Samsung

Galaxy Note II gets new firmware update–Video Preview and Update Guide

Samsung Galaxt Note 2 video review

People at Samsung work hard continuously  to bring over more interesting features to the flagship devices. Samsung’s R&D division released/leaked  a trial version of the next Note II’s firmware update called  7100XXDLJ2 . The new firmware of Note II has a beautiful lock screen effect to play with and kill your time. The video bellow  explains you about the new Ink spread effect on the Note II (Really, I am not much impressed about it )

Features/Changelog of N7100XXDLJ2 –Note II

  • New Group Cast application
  • Updated notification toggles
  • Customizable notification panel
  • Swype-like continuous input for Samsung Keyboard
  • Albeit  this seems to be a minor update ,you may want it for the cool lock screen effects at least .

    How to update your Note II for the new firmware N7100XXDLJ2

    Warning : installing an un approved pre release  Firmware always risky  ,it may bring your device to a brick level . But if you an an advanced user ,and follow the instructions on the guide here ,will enjoy the new stuff before others get on hands . Installing un official firmware voids your warranty .

    Visit this link to find the details of update and guide : N7100XXDLJ2 Firmware update

    Samsung Note 2-N7100 vs. Note 1 N7000-Screen Resolution- an Issue ?

    Samsung Galaxy Note 1 vs. Note 2 Display resolution

    Samsung Galaxy Notes;Note 1 and Note 2 both are very revolutionary devices at the moment. Samsung proves continuously  that it is a company with huge creativity ,needed to the industry . People who just go through the specifications of the Samsung Note 1&2  put on the sheet have some confusions .

    Screen Resolutions of Notes – Is it a problem indeed ?

    Samsung Galaxy Note 2(N7100) is the next version of the successful Galaxy Note 1(N7000) ,which should have more powerful hardware than the predecessor ,and it does. Galaxy Note II has a quad core 1.6 Ghz Processor while Note I has a dual core 1.4 Ghz processor  ,Galaxy Note 1 has a 5.3” Screen but the new one has a 5.5” screen and the specifications are going high in the new Galaxy Note II ,which is a true upgrade for the successor .

    But the screen /display resolution of the  phones have something tricky to understand  by everyone . Samsung Note 1 has a 800 x 1280 pixels display but the new upgrade ,Note 2 has a 720 X 1280 Pixels on it .

    What is the impact it can have on your eyes ?

    Really next to nothing-you don’t feel anything negatively  . The Samsung note one is 146.9 mm height  x 83 mm wide ,but the new Note 2 is little bit taller and lesser wider(151.1 x 80.5 x 9.4 mm ) than the predecessor ,it gives enough excuse to have a lessor pixel ratio . When the device is bigger horizontally ,it requires more lines to draw to produce pictures with higher quality ,that’s why Note 1 has 800 pixels horizontally and the comparatively smaller (horizontally )Note 2 has 720 Pixels . So you will barely notice any difference on the displays of the phones.

    Conclusion : Note 2 has a best display to satisfy your eyes ,but not the specification sheets .

    Interestingly ,Samsung Galaxy S3 too has the same resolution of Galaxy Note 2 (but since it has smaller screen ,that would offer more quality logically )

    Let’s have a look of the pixel density of the devices as per the screen sizes

    Galaxy SII Galaxy SIII Galaxy Note 2 Galaxy Note 1
    217 Pix 306 Pix 267 Pix 285 Pix

    If you have used the glorious Galaxy SII(217 pix density) ,then you would have had a great viewing pleasure on it , you can imagine that the note 2  which has more pixels comparatively(267 Pix density)would definitely offer better images on it.

    Just go for it ! Note 2 is ,creative ,intuitive and more productive phablet of the time.

    New Galaxy Note 2–Features–Video Preview from IFA 2012

    Samsung Galaxy Note 2 features and specs video

    Feature rich Samsung Galaxy Note 2 seems to tend techies  like me for a buy ,more than Samsung Galaxy S3 does . This is a video ,demonstrating the features of new Samsung Galaxy Note 2 ,which has the abilities of a tablet and a smart phone. Stylus ,or Samsung’s S-Pen here plays a vital role in the operation .

    Technical specs of Samsung Galaxy Note 2

    • Galaxy Note has a quad core 1.6 Ghz processor
    • 2 GB of RAM
    • 5.5” screen with 720 x 1280 pixels display
    • 8 MP Camera
    • 1.9 MP front view cam
    • Android OS, v4.1 (Jelly Bean)

    And it has most of the  other goodness of Samsung Galaxy S2&S3 like smart voice,HDMI,NFC,wi-fi etc.

    Ok ,let us watch this video of Galaxy Note 2 in action at IFA-2012 –Berlin

    thanks for guys at Androidpit.com for this nice work.

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