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Facebook pushing it’s staff to use Android phones more and more–FB for Android will get better soon !

Facebook for Android - Facebook willing to develop FB app for Android -TecKdiry.com

Most of the people are using mobile phones to go social via online . Facebook had developed a nice application for Apple and the sleek and intuitive FB app attracted million of users. But Folks who use Android phones are not having the same better Facebook application . Facebook realizes it, and now focusing on the development of the new FB app for Android and wants the staff to realize ,how terrible the Facebook app on Android is . This posters are slicked inside the Facebook office to educate and remind the staff to do a better job for Android .

There’s no particular time frame reported when Facebook’s efforts to create a better FB application will finally pay off. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg promised a native Facebook client for Android was coming in the near future, but we couldn’t hear much since the initial announcement.[I am waiting…]


Source – Techcrunch

Know – Unknown Truths about your Face Book Account and Friends via a Free App

Wolfram Alpha – Facebook Reporter -Reveals everything about your FB account

Facebook is amazingly popular among masses ,and also becoming a time crusher  ,have you ever wondered to see your activities inside Facebook in a report format ? This application helps you to get all the stats of you and your friends in Facebook . The web app on http://www.wolframalpha.com does this all . Visit the site and type “Facebook Report” in the box appearing .


Facebook report application


It will ask you to authenticate your Facebook account(give the credentials ) ,then after few steps it will suggest to create an account with WolframAlpha ,do it, after all these fuss ,you will be given the change to read your Facebook report .  From my Facebook account I realized that I am more active in 2012 .


Your report of Facebook contains very interesting pieces of information ,that you have never tried to know . The date you joined, your age ,the gap between the next birthday ,charts of your posting activities in detail  ,photo uploads ,total likes ,total comments ,mostly used words in our posts ,mostly commented post ,top commentators for your posts, are given in beautiful report format.

Even there are some more interesting reports like your friends’ marital status  ;how many of them are single ,how many of them are married ,how many of them are in relationships , then you can find the number of male and female friends you have etc.

WolframAlpha Facebook report 1



WolframAlpha Facebook report startup scr 1

Just try this app ,you will be really amazed to know about lot of unknown truths of your life in Facebook Land.

How many male and female friends you have in Facebook

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