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Ultra Books–Sales are expected to be very low

ultra book sales could be slightly down

The more hyped Ultrabooks ,which were expected to have a higher rate of market penetration in the upcoming days,believed to  perform low   . Next to the revolution of tablets ,Ultra Books were on the line to catch up the minds of consumers . But a recent research done by IHS iSupply ,a research firm reveals,that Ultra Book sales will be not much good as we expected  .

The research firm expected 22 million ultra books would be shipped worldwide in 2012; now the firm says that number will be 10.3 million, and most of those will be in the last quarter of this year.For 2013, IHS iSuppli had forecast shipments of 61 million ultrabooks; now, it says, it’s looking more like 44 million” NBCnews reported .

The reasons for the low expectation of the sales of Ultra Books are:

  1. Very high price –About $1,000 is   an issue when standard laptops still can be bought for much less, many of them budget-priced models at $400 and $500.
  2. Booming Tablet market – There are many tablets coming every day with innovative ideas
  3. Needs more innovation – Not much intuitive

For the time being ,let smart phones and tablets eat up the market !


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