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Apple iOS 6 got a Wi-Fi connectivity Problem–Some more iBugs !

apple iphone 5 and ios6 bugs - wi fi connectivity issue
[Image courtesy : Apple.com]

We have heard about some bugs on Apple iOS6  and iPhone 5 already .Apple users keep on complaining many things since the release of iOS6,the most recent one is Wi-Fi connectivity ,that is lost forever in iOS6. Mostly people using iPhone 5 ,reported that their devices don’t have proper Wi-Fi connectivity in the forums . Anyhow people using iPhone4s,iPads and other idevices  are also believed to have the same problem after obtaining iOS6 .

Cnet reports that there are more than 91 pages of complains launched at Apple’s Discussion forum since September 19 to date. People have tried resetting the iPhones and reinstalling the iOS6 and other alternative methods ,but the result was same ,no connectivity at all. Several people have reported that the Wi-Fi option grayed out  in their iPhones.

But the problem persists with some units only ,means not each and every iPhone 5 and iOS6 device . If you are lucky enough your iPhone won’t have this problem !

Windows Phone 7.5 poses a security threat via SMS

Microsoft have officially acknowledged  ,that they are aware of the possible SMS attack ,that can lock the Windows Phone 7.5-Mango due to the flaw in the operating system.

Windows Phone sms bug revealed

As a Windows Phone user ,you don’t need to panic as it is not a very serious security threat ,the attackers can send you a sms and lock the phone ,that’s all . Microsoft is working faster to bring the firmware update to rectify the matter . The new Firmware update/patch for the windows phone should be available within couple of days and most probably available over the air this time.

The video here demonstrates how an attack can take place .

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Kindle Fire gets a software update ,be patient until then…

Amazon’s Kindle Fire ,the budget tablet is getting a firmware update shortly ,Amazon confirms .

Amazon kindle fire bug fixed now

There were so many complains about the bugs found in the browser of Kindle Fire. There are issues in the quality of the viewing angle of images and so on.

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