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Samsung S3 Vs. Apple iPhone5 comparison of features on Samsung’s new Ad

samsung galaxy s3 compared with iphone5

Samsung goes on an open challenge with Apple’s new iPhone 5 . After the revelation of the Apple iPhone5 ,We all know that the hardware specs are not that much attractive as most of the devices available today ,specially Samsung Galaxy S3 and Samsung Note 2 are the hi tech monsters rocking the market.

Samsung started to put this advertisement on US –Print media  with the tag line “It doesn’t take a genius” Samsung declares Galaxy S3 as the genius device for the rich features it has when compares with iPhone5.

here is the interesting ad :


  • Just see the left and right columns of the ad,it is obvious the right column if full of features , I mean Samsung Galaxy S3 !
  • And ,another interesting feature ,put on the Apple’s side ,iPhone’s connector is called as –‘A very different connecter’ ,while Samsung Galaxy S3 and most of the other smart devices have the micro USB connecter still apple want to go mad with a unique connecter .

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