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Google’s Gesture Search–an amazing app for calling contacts faster

Best Free Android app- Google Gesture Search

Google Gesture Search –Best app for touch screens

Just draw the first letters of the person you want to call or the name of the application you want to start from your crowded app collection ,Google Gesture Search displays the most used contacts in the most appropriate order (For people used to have thousands of contacts, this is the ultimate way of getting things done faster )

Brand New Facebook–Native App Now Available for Android

Facebook native android application downloadFacebook native android application download

Official Facebook Android Application  Ver 2.0  –Download now !

The most anticipated Facebook’s Native Android application has been released (on 13th of December 2012). We have written about the Native FB App preparation already at TecKdiary. The new Facebook application- Version 2.0 ,is faster than ever before. Lot of fun to use . Now the photos are loading in a lighting speed . Even the status updates very quickly. Continue reading Brand New Facebook–Native App Now Available for Android

Any.Do–A good free Application – Reminder,Calendar ,Task scheduler

A better Calendar Application for Android devices .

Any.Do calendar applicaiton review 1

If you are bit busy with many things every day ,you may want to go with an agenda . There are so many applications available in the market . Google Calendar does a very decent job in this case . But if you want some more interesting nice interface ,pop up reminders for scheduled tasks ,and cross device synchronization of calendars (even sync via Google calendar ).

any.do app for androidany.do app review teckdiary.com

Any.Do runs in your phone  smoothly ,pop ups reminders with alert tones

The top few features I love on Any.Do App

  • Missed call management/missed event management -When you get a miss call ,just pop ups the call reminder and allows you to choose on option ,For instance , it allows you to call the person after a selected interval if you are busy now ,Any.Do will remind you about calling the person on time .Most of us lose lot of relationships due to inefficient missed call management today .

missed call management on Any.Do app for Androidmissed call management on Any.Do app for Android

  • Cross to mark the event done – Just cross off the event using your finger and the event is marked done . Tap on the x mark of the vent to delete it .

 just corss over on the event to delete it on Any.Do

  • Move the event ,up and down by dragging the timeline – needless to say ,it is a common style on touch enabled devices now .

2012-09-14 10.27.13

  • Google Calendar Sync – Any.Do allows you to sync the data with Google’s Calendar ,which makes sharing the data across the devices easy . I have Any.Do on my Samsung Galaxy S2 and Motorola Xoom both,I am able to sync both devices by using the same Google user name and password .

I am using Any.Do for more than a year and very happy with the performance and recent updates.

Tail Piece : I prefer to use Google Calendar on my 10.1” Tablet and Any.Do on my Smart phone as the UI’s has the perfect much for the devices respectively .

Flipboard-Interesting News Reader for your Android Device

flipboard app review at teckdiary.com

Best of Android Apps Series – Mini Reviews at TecKdiary.com

I thought about giving my personal insights about the best apps of Android (sooner Apple)after using them  for some time. There are tons of applications available in the Market ,as a user you may struggle to identify the best ones and usable ones .We ,at tecKdiary.com (My self and Stephen ) take care of this filtering job for you and plan to publish reviews of Good apps for smart phones (As we did for Symbian at symbiandreams.com ) continuously .


It is a small application (free) that allows you to read your subscribed feeds and the feeds recommended by the application itself in a beautiful and well organized view. You can simply flip up and down the pages by tapping your finger ,it offers you a great transition look ,makes the reading experience more colorful .

flipboard app review 1

  • You can choose the news items ,to add your  Flipboard .

2012-09-10 11.29.03

  • You customize the Flipboard, watch out your Facebook ,Twitter timelines in a E-Book style (first image on the top  shows my Facebook time line activity )


Flipboard customization options

  • You can add your Google feeds to this app, like most of other apps do .
  • It has an average rating of 4.5 so far  and downloaded over a million times .


2012-09-10 11.12.10

Try Flipboard and let us know ,how is it !

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