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Nimbuzz for BlackBerry v1.4.0 is ready . Download it Now!


Nimbuzz got an update for iPhone recently and this the time for Blackberry , User of blackberry can download the very new version for the moment ,Nimuzz suggested in their blog post.

We have released v1.4.0 of our BlackBerry client to the App World today. Here are a few things that we have introduced in this release:

Find and connect with friends who are already on Nimbuzz by using the Search Nimbuzz directory feature. This also helps you find interesting people to connect with on Nimbuzz. Go ahead and explore now!

Now find your Nimbuzz messages in the device Inbox, making for an overall integrated experience. You can preview the received messages right from within the Inbox without needing to launch the Nimbuzz app. This is available on devices running OS 5.0 and beyond.-Nimbuzz

Click here to download the Nibuzz V1.4.0 for Black Berry Now !

Read more at Nimbuzz Official Blog

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