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Touch ID – Apple Vs Samsung S5 compared–Video

Iphone Versus Samsung Galaxy S 5 touch id compared

As a new trend in the mobile industry ,companies have been implementing the finger print scanner on the phones . Apple has led the way by releasing Apple 5C ,Apple  5S with touch ID .

Samsung has released Galaxy S5 with Finger print scanner ,that can do bit more advanced things . Apples recognizes your thumb by a single soft touch and immediately unlocks the phone ,allows you to log in to iTunes site.

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Apple (fans) replies to Samsung’s Ad

Samsung has released an interesting advertisement on most of the print media in USA yesterday ,the Samsung’s ad concept was Galaxy S3 Vs. iPhone 5 (a Feature comparison) and it went on saying The Next Big Thing  is Already Here –Galaxy SIII in the advertisement .

Apple fan boys started to show their displeasure over this ,and here is an interesting reply for the Samsung’s Ad by Apple Fan Boys.(The second image here ,gives more clear reading )



samsung galaxy siii vs apple iphone5 comparision chart

  • Samsung Galaxy SIII’s NFC feature shown as a security threat (defending Apple for not implementing  NFC in iPhone5)
  • 11.4 hrs. of talking time ,offered by Galaxy S3 is seen good for Tele Marketers
  • Direct Call and Smart Alert tend to save just only 2 seconds of time 🙂
  • Most of the features of S3 declared as copy from iOS

Hope coming days are  going to be more and more interesting days ,where the Fan boys of Samsung and Apple will keep feeding the media headlines !

How iPhone5 inspired by Microsoft’s Naming Policy ?

apple iPhone4s vs. iPhone5 screen compared


Back to 90s . I remembered the times of Windows fast phased growth  ,Microsoft’s first true GUI (Without DOS support in the back end like W 3.1 etc)was Windows 95 . After the massive success of Windows 95 Microsoft launched Windows 98 ,then the perfect  error free version  Windows 98 Se debuted . Microsoft was on the headline  those days like Apple does this month .

There was a story ,about how Bill Gates chooses the Team Manager  for Windows 2000 team :

There were three highly professional programmers sat out side of the Bill Gate’s office . Interview started !

Candidate No 1 at Interview :

Bill Gates : What are the core changes you expect to have on the upcoming windows 2000 ?

Candidate 1 : Sir, we have to improve the multitasking capabilities ,internet ……..blablablabla……….(and finished )

[Bill Gates Noted on his file “Rejected”]

Candidate No 2 at Interview :

Bill Gates : How would you create Windows 2000 ?

Candidate 1 : it is not a simple task ,as people have expectations , I want to keep the upcoming Windows 2000 as a game changer , the whole new icons, whole new working environment………mm….(and finished )

[Bill Gates Noted on his file “Rejected”]

Candidate No 3 at Interview :

Bill Gates : How would you create Windows 2000, come up with your ides ?

Candidate 1 : Smiled for a second  ,told Gates “Sir I would rather change the startup  screen of Win 98  as Windows 2000 “

Bill Gates Cried out “ You are the right choice ,you the Manager of the team ,get the appointment letter downstairs !

Ok ,how would this story comply with iPhone5 ?

do you see any major change in  iPhone 5 over iPhone 4S ,other than the version number ?


Apple stops buying parts from Samsung


Apple used to buy memory chips from Samsung to use in Apple phones for long time. But the the climate changed due to the lawsuits the companies filed on each other. After the win over the case filed against Samsung recently ,Apple declared that the chip deal with Samsung won’t be affected by the ongoing legal battles with Samsung .But according to Reuters and other news sources ,Apple has started cutting  the    deal it had with Samsung for years. Samsung is losing a Billion dollar deal with Apple’s decision .

Apple is looking to strengthen its supplies from competing chip manufacturers such as Toshiba, Elpida and Hynix.

South Korea’s Samsung is a core Apple supplier, producing micro processors, flat screens and memory chips — both dynamic random access memory (DRAM) chips and NAND memory chips — for popular Apple gadgets such as the iPhone, iPad and iPod.

Apple has been cutting its orders from Samsung as it tries to diversify its lines of supply for memory chips, although the South Korean firm remains on the list of initial suppliers for the new iPhone, the source told Reuters. The person declined to be named because the negotiations are confidential. – Reuters

Source – Reuters

Samsung seems to sue Apple for Next version of iPhone–using 4G/LTE patents


Watching Tech industry is becoming like  watching a thriller and adventurous movie day by day,thanks to Apple and Samsung both for interchanging arguments and filing lawsuits on each  others periodically .

Apple is rumored to unveil  a new ,next generation iPhone (presently known as iPhone 6) on 12th of September 2012. The phone is expected to come with a higher speed data connectivity called LTE but Samsung seems to have more patents of LTE use in a device . Tech analytics hope that Samsung will sue Apple for infringing its patents of LTE by putting them in Apple’s new device ,but you have to wait to see whether the new iPhone has LTE or not.

Unwiredview.com  suggests ,that Apple already acquired enough rights of using LTE patents by buying small companies those  invented patents of LTE .

Apple reportedly owns 400+ patents of LTE while Samsung owns 700+ .

Lets wait for big bite !

Samsung won the legal battle in Japan ,Apple lost !

Samsung C.E.O Vs Apple C.E.O

So ,time works fine for Samsung now !

Apple filed a case against Samsung  in Tokyo ,Japan last year ,for infringing Apple invention for synchronizing music and video data with servers. The verdict came on 31st of  August is favorable to Samsung ,this time .Apple was ordered by Tokyo District Judge Tamotsu Shoji   to pay costs of the lawsuit after his verdict, the latest decision in a global dispute between the technology giants over patents used in mobile devices. Samsung shares rose, erasing earlier losses.

Apple will have to pay the cost of the lawsuit, which was filed last year and involved the Samsung Galaxy S, Galaxy Tab, and Galaxy S II products, offered by NTT DoCoMo. The Cupertino company was originally seeking 100 million yen ($1.3 million) as damages as per the reports .

Apple was ordered by Tokyo District Judge Tamotsu Shoji today to pay costs of the lawsuit after his verdict, the latest decision in a global dispute between the technology giants over patents used in mobile devices. Samsung shares rose, erasing earlier losses.

“It’s hard to believe the products belong to the range of technologies of the claimant,” Shoji said in dismissing Apple’s case.

Apple already won a case against Samsung on 24th  in US court ,and offered a $1.05 Billion  compensation in the verdict .

From the perception of a user ,both companies might have infringed the patents of each others . The course cases are a biggest time waste and the time and money invested here might have used to invent some more new patents and way to block other from using own patents. No one is found to be a saint in the case of patents as both companies have used  at least a bit of others technology . What’s the point in tarnishing their corporate images by so many cases world wide ?

Source : Bloomberg

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