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iPhone 5s–Debut in 1st Q of 2013–Proto Types are Ready !

Google maps on iPhone5

We had a clear vision about the iPhone5 before it debuted in the market and even before the official launch of it .This time the next device from Apple has started to fill the blogs and online gossips .Apple is rumored to have the trial production of Apple iPhone 5S ,in the factories now.

The iron walls of the Apple ,built and maintained by Steve Jobs seems to be melt and keeping a secret there is very hard for them these days .

DigiTimes relays a report coming from a Chinese-language Commercial Times report. In it, the Commercial Times claims that Apple will begin trial production of the iPhone 5S as early as December.

The paper then claims the iPhone 5S could enter volume production in the 1st quarter of 2013. If that were truly the case, the iPhone 5S could be be set to launch earlier than most have expected.

Macrumors  revealed .

We will come up with lot of news of Apple iPhone 5s ,stay tuned with us . @teckdiary

Apple Pays off $21 Million for the Clock design used in iPad

Apple Clock Swiss Railway 21 Million $

Working in the Tech industry by aligning  hundreds of aspects has never been much easier for anyone .

Apple offered a simple and beautiful Clock Application for it’s users via iOS 6 update free of charge ,but it was bit costly for  the company as $21 Million. Apple is very famous to suing other companies for patents . But when time comes worse ,Apple gets caught for the same cause . The clock design illustrated  here and used in iPad’s Clock App had been taken from Swiss Railway where they have this famous iconic clock in operation .Apple even failed to acknowledge the name of SBB in the app . After , Apple got notified by the Swiss Railway they have gone for a settlement of $21 Million and now Apple got the rights to use the design in all iPads and iPhones .

Last month SBB(Swiss Railway Operator ) announced it had reached a licensing deal that would allow Apple to use the design in iPads and iPhones, but didn’t disclose any details. Next time when you launch this app would know ,that how much it was costed to Apple !.

Apple iOS 6 got a Wi-Fi connectivity Problem–Some more iBugs !

apple iphone 5 and ios6 bugs - wi fi connectivity issue
[Image courtesy : Apple.com]

We have heard about some bugs on Apple iOS6  and iPhone 5 already .Apple users keep on complaining many things since the release of iOS6,the most recent one is Wi-Fi connectivity ,that is lost forever in iOS6. Mostly people using iPhone 5 ,reported that their devices don’t have proper Wi-Fi connectivity in the forums . Anyhow people using iPhone4s,iPads and other idevices  are also believed to have the same problem after obtaining iOS6 .

Cnet reports that there are more than 91 pages of complains launched at Apple’s Discussion forum since September 19 to date. People have tried resetting the iPhones and reinstalling the iOS6 and other alternative methods ,but the result was same ,no connectivity at all. Several people have reported that the Wi-Fi option grayed out  in their iPhones.

But the problem persists with some units only ,means not each and every iPhone 5 and iOS6 device . If you are lucky enough your iPhone won’t have this problem !

Apple iOS 6 update is available –Get your iPhone/idevice updated now !

iOS6 download for your apple iphones

As Apple promised ,they have released the iOS 6 for the other existing iPhone,iPads and iDevices . Not only the iPhone 5 ,but your previous versions of hardware also now ready to be upgraded  with iOS6.

iOS 6 offers you a lot of new features ,including the brand new Maps from Apple (not Google )with voice navigation and comparatively more functional Siri voice assistant . Siri in iOS 6 ,understands more commands and works more precisely,then the Facebook integration on iOS6 is a vital update for most of us . iOS is the first software update offered by Apple over the air.[means you can check the update from your phone and download directly via wi-fi or data plan )

List of iPhones and iPads eligible for the iOS6 update

  • iPhone 4S
  • iPhone 4
  • iPhone 3GS
  • iPad 2
  • All other new iPad and iPod Touch devices

How to update your iPhone and iPads to iOS 6 ?

It’s pretty simple ,just go to the software update menu on your device and find whether ,your one is getting the update. If you want to update using your computer ,just start the iTunes and check for the update ,but make sure that you have installed iTunes version 10.7 at least .

Please note that the time of  availability of the update may vary depends on your location and carrier .

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