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Pulse and Pulse.me the best E-Reading App in the planet–Mini review

Pulse news reader on Web pulse.me

I have been using Pulse e-reader application both on my Motorola Xoom tablet and Samsung Galaxy S2 for about an year. The sexy appeal of the feeds on Pulse makes me to read a lot. If you are using the very old fashioned  Google reader for your feeds ,then definitely you would love to switch to   Pulse app .

Pulse is a free application for your devices available on Google Play for download . Last week I have reviewed the Flipboard app ,which is similar to this app ,but Pulse scores more as it allows you to read more feeds in a limited space of screen .

Pulse for Android screenshot on Galaxy S2

Pulse for Desktop Computers

Pulse has been launched for Desktop users very recently ,it is available as an online app within your browser. Just go to Pulse.me and start using it [you can logging in using your Facebook Account for instant access ,but better to create a pulse account that carries all your feeds with you every where in every device )

Pulse startup screen on ICS s2Pulse ereader view 1 on Samsung Galaxy S22012-09-12 11.16.48

Pulse – Features

  • Screen shots of the pulse reader given here ,may give you the idea of look and feel of the app and great UI.
  • Pulse gives you push notifications of the updated feeds (which can be set off from settings menu)
  • You can add more pages and feeds
  • Pulse offers you a very useful catalogue of feeds ,so you can pick up some
  • Settings menu allows you to control the data connections (Update on Wi-Fi only etc..)views,flash use etc.
  • Single user account created in Pulse syncs your contents on  all devices .

2012-09-12 11.40.05

Pulse tend to make use of my Xoom tablet more and more for reading !

Let us know what you feel about it in comments section !

Android Over takes the mobile O/S run in US–this is the version history


As per a recent comScore report, Samsung has eaten up almost 25.6% market share in terms of the top handset manufacturer. With regards to platforms, Android persists to lead with an overall 52.2% subscribers banking on it. Apple managed to secure 33.4% of the total amount. Android has overtaken the race ,but Apple shows a steady growth (by 2 points change while Android shows 1.4 ) within two time periods shown in the table here.

  • This table (obtained from Comscore )illustrates the growth of Android in US market

Android Vs Apple market share july 2012 comscore

Symbian ,Windows Phone and RIM’’s O/S are in the decline continuously in US(World wide too)

Apple is the only tight competitor for Android . In the wake of Android now ,people are talking much about the various versions ,you might have confused with the names and version numbers of Android platform ,the following table illustrates the Code Name (pet name) and the Version Numbers of the Android platform. Version number is higher ,the latest O/S you have .

  • Android Version numbers and code names


Google Play offers special deals–End of summer sale ! hurry up now

We have just came across the announcement from Google ,(may be too late now )special offers for Google play store apps. Most of the applications are around $1 and that is amazingly cheap.

Here I have given two methods to pickup your best deals at Google store

1) Method one for special deals at Google Play (limited number of apps)

Android apps special deals from google play-2012

Just follow this link and enjoy the offer ,before it end soon.

2)Method two which returns about 235 + apps for very low price


Use the promotion code "***End of Summer Sale" (including the quotes )as search string ,that will return you a lot of interesting app for best prices .

Share your experience here friends ! (why don’t you like us on www.facebook.com/tecKdiary )


Android powered Samsung Camera–Pictures and details !


Samsung has revealed an Android powered camera called Samsung Galaxy digital camera which has 21 x optical zoom. This device has 16-megapixel sensor,8 GB internal storage and Android Jelly Bean O/S as main attractions  .  Galaxy camera has a SIM slot to use the 3G  connection and allows you to  upload your photos . The Android device has most of the common apps  from Android platform .Even you have drop box to share upload and share your images.

It has an audio jack ,in order to listen the recorded sound from videos and to use Skype and like programs . The famous image sharing app Instagram also pre installed in the camera .


The Samsung Galaxy camera allows you to control it via your Android phone remotely . You can zoom in ,zoom out ,and download the images ,share them .

Release date is planned somewhere in October-2012 but the price of the product is unknown yet .

I am very much excited to play with this gadget ,don’t you !

Mark your location in Map–Re Locate it simply – my augmented reality app for Android

If you are living in a small country where Google Maps doesn’t offer you turn by turn navigation ,then This app can help you a little .

For people who know   the term ‘Augmented Reality’ already ,it is another feast .

Just run the application and mark your location(‘new location’ from the menu ) ,give a name for it ,save.

my augmented reality app review 1

  • Saved locations,choose one to see where are you now from there and see the movement on the go !

my augmented reality maps app for android

  • Here you do see,my saved location (A local restaurant which offers country style rice and curry on lotus leave )

my augmented reality maps app for android

Do you see the distance of saved location  from my current location ,and my location in big blue circle icon

the same function is available in other map apps in a complicated way ,but this tiny app does it simply .

  • Augmented Reality (for advanced users )

once the locations are saved ,the augmented view –through camera works fine

my augmented reality maps app for android2

When you click ‘Augmented View’ from the menu ,the camera view is opened and just point your view finder ,then the places you have saved will appear in the respective directions .

Which could be your next Smart Phone ? Android/Apple/Windows ?

What phone could be in your hands in 2012 ?

There are lot of arguments going on, at homes about the next purchase of the Smart Phone ,as this is the season of the year .US and UK are two of the hottest markets for smartphone business ever. All vendors are fully armed with their marketing programs to attract more customers .

google galaxy nexus

I personally use Android Phones for more than a year ,and I was a Nokia addict for quite some time ,but not now for sure.I have used Apple iPhones too.

Here are some personal insights about the smart phones ,that could contribute in your decision making this year . Firstly I am simply ignoring Nokia from the list as it doesn’t have any innovative phones at the moment and secondly Windows phone,that did not create any great impact in the market for decades and yet not ready to compete with . Windows Phone  is just surviving  ,that’s all.

Now the great war is going between iOS and Android ,from my perception

Apple iPhone4S Vs Android Phones (May be Samsung Nexus /Galaxy SII )


which could be your next smart phone ?

The hottest Apple phone in the market is iPhone4S and it is running iOS-5 ,valuable and useful iCloud service  and have one 8 Mega Pixel Camera. iPhone runs on a Dual Core processor,offering you a faster UI experience ever .

Most of the Android Phones like Samsung Galaxy SII,Google Galaxy Nexus too have dual core processor ,hi speed UI ,and 8 Meg Cameras , From the people I’ve interviewed ,the votes go  for iPhone4S’s camera and the camera UI. 

The Camera on the iPhone4S is one of the best cameras  available in mobile phones. If you want a stunning camera phone ,you would go for iPhone no doubt. iCloud is there to save all of your contents in the web cloud storage ,sharing the contents between PC environment and the phone is more easier now .

Apple  Vs Android – User Interface

Apple’s O/S is perfect and almost the same for years(say “outdated” ),fast and initiative ,but if you are not getting bored soon for doing repeated things ,it can be interesting . But Android phones used to have frequent updates and the UI is growing very faster with hotter features and numerous custom Firmware. Lot of  custom ROMs are available for Android than Apple(Rooting and hacking is much easier and permitted indirectly )

Continue reading Which could be your next Smart Phone ? Android/Apple/Windows ?

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