Wireless Charger for mobiles – How effective – my experience with Note 2

There are lots of hype about wireless charging . Nokia introduced wireless charging inbuilt with  Lumia 920 . Samsung also offered optional wireless charging facility with Galaxy S4 .

Wireless Charger on Galaxy Note 2

Samsung has released many other devices including Galaxy Note 2 with the optional DIYS (Do it your self)type wireless charging upgrade options .So I wanted to try with mine.

I have purchased two wireless receiver modules on two different occasions and fixed to my Galaxy Note 2 ,tried charging wirelessly. It started charging ,that was cool to see. But it hasn’t charged the mobile to its full capacity.Every time when it reaches 33%-38% of the charge due to overheating issues the mobile will disconnect the charging automatically .


Since I doubted the first wireless receiver  ,I have got the second one from a famous brand ,but the things were same regardless the brands .

I have spoken to some Nokia Lumia 920 users and found they too have the similar issues.

Pros and  Cons – Wireless charger on mobiles –2014

Many users found ,wireless charging is inefficient in their mobiles still and it depends on the weather of the country .That’s why many new phones  are not coming with wireless charging ,and Phones like Galaxy S4,S5 offers wireless charging feature for certain markets only.

Wireless Charging is Slow – When the wireless charging is compared with even charging from your laptop’s usb port , a laptop’s usb port charges two times faster .The typical wired charger supplied with the phone is much more faster .

Room temperature matters : It is obvious to note , that for a cold country ,the wireless charger may give more power,as your mobile will note get over  heated.  Comparatively it is very slow to charge your phone using a wireless charger .I have put the year in the article ,because ,technology revolves always .Lets see what is next in wireless charging industry .

On the other hand ,the  blame can be passed on the charging pad also ,where we have to place our phone to charge . I am unable to check ,as I don’t have alternatives at the moment .

overall ,It seems wireless charging is a good initiative ,but not a mere success at the moment .If you have a different view on this topic please feel free to comment here . Upgrading a wireless charger to your Note 2  can be fun ,but not helpful at all .

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