These are the nine Samsung devices banned in US–Apple Vs Samsung issue

Most of us are aware  the verdict given in the Apple Vs Samsung case ,the panel of judges ruled out that Samsung violates the copy rights law by copying Apple’s idea in more than 25 it’s devices.

Apple wants to ban only 9 devices in US Market . These are the devices waiting for the ban order !(or settlement out of the court )

1) Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 “

Samsung Galaxt Tab 10.1" Tablet

Samsung Tab 10.1 already has a temporary restraining order against its sales

2)Droid Charge (was determined to contain 4 patent violations.)

Droid Charge vs apple

3) Galaxy Prevail


Galaxy Prevail from Boost Mobile: The jury ruled 3 patent violations


4) Galaxy S Showcase


5)Galaxy S 4G from T-Mobile

Galaxy S 4g tmobile apple ban

This device has 5 patent violations and two claims of trade dress (the look and feel of the device)

6)T-Mobile’s Galaxy SII

This has 3 patent violations

galaxysii-banned by apple

7)The Galaxy SII Skyrocket

(1 patent violation)


8)Samsung Galaxy Epic


there are 5 patent violations from the Epic

9)Samsung Galaxy S2 AT&T




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