Samsung Note 2-N7100 vs. Note 1 N7000-Screen Resolution- an Issue ?

Samsung Galaxy Note 1 vs. Note 2 Display resolution

Samsung Galaxy Notes;Note 1 and Note 2 both are very revolutionary devices at the moment. Samsung proves continuously  that it is a company with huge creativity ,needed to the industry . People who just go through the specifications of the Samsung Note 1&2  put on the sheet have some confusions .

Screen Resolutions of Notes – Is it a problem indeed ?

Samsung Galaxy Note 2(N7100) is the next version of the successful Galaxy Note 1(N7000) ,which should have more powerful hardware than the predecessor ,and it does. Galaxy Note II has a quad core 1.6 Ghz Processor while Note I has a dual core 1.4 Ghz processor  ,Galaxy Note 1 has a 5.3” Screen but the new one has a 5.5” screen and the specifications are going high in the new Galaxy Note II ,which is a true upgrade for the successor .

But the screen /display resolution of the  phones have something tricky to understand  by everyone . Samsung Note 1 has a 800 x 1280 pixels display but the new upgrade ,Note 2 has a 720 X 1280 Pixels on it .

What is the impact it can have on your eyes ?

Really next to nothing-you don’t feel anything negatively  . The Samsung note one is 146.9 mm height  x 83 mm wide ,but the new Note 2 is little bit taller and lesser wider(151.1 x 80.5 x 9.4 mm ) than the predecessor ,it gives enough excuse to have a lessor pixel ratio . When the device is bigger horizontally ,it requires more lines to draw to produce pictures with higher quality ,that’s why Note 1 has 800 pixels horizontally and the comparatively smaller (horizontally )Note 2 has 720 Pixels . So you will barely notice any difference on the displays of the phones.

Conclusion : Note 2 has a best display to satisfy your eyes ,but not the specification sheets .

Interestingly ,Samsung Galaxy S3 too has the same resolution of Galaxy Note 2 (but since it has smaller screen ,that would offer more quality logically )

Let’s have a look of the pixel density of the devices as per the screen sizes

Galaxy SII Galaxy SIII Galaxy Note 2 Galaxy Note 1
217 Pix 306 Pix 267 Pix 285 Pix

If you have used the glorious Galaxy SII(217 pix density) ,then you would have had a great viewing pleasure on it , you can imagine that the note 2  which has more pixels comparatively(267 Pix density)would definitely offer better images on it.

Just go for it ! Note 2 is ,creative ,intuitive and more productive phablet of the time.

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