Official 3,000mAh extended battery for Galaxy S3 available for $65


Samsung Officially unveiled an extended battery with a capacity of 3000mAah for Galaxy SIII in order to offer extended life time for power users .

An average giant screen, (anything above 3.5″) Android device can last only for a half day of heavy use . If you are a power user that can be worsen the situation . Samsung’s flagship device Galaxy SIII comes with standard Li-Ion 2100 mAh battery which can last about a day on a typical use . But the power monster Galaxy Note II  which uses a 3100mAh battery lasts about two days ,typically 1.5 days for a power user.

Realizing the situation ,now Samsung has decided to offer a powerful solution official y . Extended 3000 mAH batteries have been shipped and readily available at retailers online and offline for about $65 . Now you can have 900mAh more power on your Galaxy SIII(If you are ready to cash out such amount )

There are many alternative third party batteries with higher mAh (4200 mAh,4600mAh)available for the Galaxy SIII ,but this is the first time Samsung came up with a official extended battery !

Please note ,that  your Galaxy S III may become little bit bulky after the installation of the new heavy duty battery due to it’s extra size. It is wise to have some extra power when you are on the go .

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