More thinner ,yet more powerful Samsung Galaxy SIII

If you own a Samsung Galaxy SII ,you won’t be disappointed with smartphones ,I swear on God. After a lot of unpleasant experiences with lot of smartphones ,I have had the best only with Samsung SII ,and world agrees that it does really well.

Samsung Galaxy sIII specs

Now Samsung is about to launch the Samsung Galaxy SIII ,with some more advanced features ,if it will not bring any new problem ,it would be the definite successor in the year .

Still no one is aware about the real specifications of Samsung Galaxy SIII,but there  some guesses (I don’t say it all “Rumors”)


Specifications of Samsung Galaxy S3

It is told to be a  7 mm slim device and come out with a 3D supported screen. Like Samsung Note ,the Galaxy S3 too comes with a stylus to utilize the big screen.

Samsung Galaxy S3 will have a Quad Core processor on board(Samsung Galaxy SII have a Dual Core one ) and run on Android 4.0 ,rumored on blogosphere this whole week . A 8MP A/F camera will be featuring on the Galaxy S3 ,people expect .

But my insight says Samsung Galaxy will have a better mega pixel camera ,may be a 10 MPX at the time of launch .

Lets wait and see ,how the Galaxy S3 will change the game !

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