How to start your Samsung Galaxy Phone,when it’s power button doesn’t work ?


Have you ever got stuck with the power on button of your Samsung Galaxy phones ? I have been to ,many times .

This simple guide tells you,how  to startup your Samsung Galaxy phones [This technique is applicable to most of the Samsung high end mobiles including S2,S3,S4,Note2,Note3,Grand  ,despite the model numbers ]without using the broken power button.

  • Just open the back cover

  • Remove the battery
  • Make sure your battery is full /or has enough power
  • Put the battery quickly – Like a “tick tack “  how it has been done in  the following images
  • Step 1- 2014-03-30 21.43.04
  • Step 2-2014-03-30 21.43.09
  • Carefully watch the images ,in the first image there is a gap between the battery and the connectors ,in the second image both are connected ,you have to do this instantly ,see still battery is not fully settled in the case as your fingers are holding it, now the phone starts ,once the process started ,carefully lay down the batter in the case and close the cover –done !.
  • Note – The power button of many Samsung mobile phones ,used to become weird due to heavy use ,and some other factors .In order to avoid this ,you can use some simple software and a flip case ,await for my next mini guide on this.
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