How to remove annoying Ads from Android Phones and Tabs

The recent free android app you have installed ,might have started giving trouble . The ad support free versions of Android applicants used to display advertisements in your phone  or Android tablets.

Ads removeal from Android phone - Notification area

Many apps display push notifications ,and it will be shown on your notification bar . Some applications go wild and displays popup ads .Even during a name search in your contacts ,you shall be shocked by a popping message or an image . How to remove this ads?

A simple uninstalling of the culprit app  will bring the situation in control .But the challenge is identifying the app that brings the ad. It is tricky in many instances .

Steps to remove  Ads from Android

Here is the simple way to find our the culprit and remove it .Uninstalling ads from Android phone

Just do a long press on the ad notification on your notification area and “App info” message will appear(See the first image) ,press it ,then it takes you to full  app info screen where you can uninstall the application .

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