Galaxy S5–Should you upgrade ? –Mini review

Galaxy S5 mini review - Buying guide

I have used  Galaxy S2(The legend in the S series ,yet) more than a year ,went through Galaxy S3, Galaxy S4 on exploring purposes .Currently using Galaxy Note –2 as my primary device. Nothing has taken a place in my heart like S2 . The new comer in the Galaxy S family ,S5 seems to have  lot of interesting features ,and might have started the tendency  of buying within the consumers .

Ideas on  hardware development of the mobile industry have been saturated for many years . But for the mobile companies they  have to have something new to sell ,at least by adding numbers in the names ,they have to introduce at least a new model each year .

The following points are given to the easy understanding of buyers ,if you have any questions over Galaxy S5 please feel free to post here .

Fingerprint scanner on home button in Galaxy S5

What are the definite advantages you have in Galaxy S5 over Galaxy S4 ?

  • Speed – Technically Samsung Galaxy S5 is speeder, with a quad core processor but that doesn’t matter practically .
  • Look and feel of S5 – Samsung maintains the same look and feel in Galaxy devices . S5 comes in the same quality plastic casing .But the waterproof feature is new with Galaxy S5.(You can dip up to 1 meter in the water and Galaxy S5 can manage up to 30 minutes without getting damages )
  • Physically Big – S5 is 5mm taller, some 3mm wider and 0.2mm thicker than Galaxy S4. For those who already sick with the huge size of S4(if) ,then S5 won’t be the right choice .
  • Bit more weightier  than S4 .So nearly bulky -15g heavier . (But I am ready to sacrifice anything for a bigger screen always )
  • Fingerprint Scanner – Teckdiary has discussed the new fingerprint scanners of S5 and Apple 5C both already .The capacitive finger print scanner is located underneath the home button .
  • Health Sensor – Another new addition to Galaxy S5  is the heart rate monitor ,which is located near the camera’s flashlight .
  • Connectivity – S5 has all the most wanted connectivity -Infra red ,Bluetooth 4.0 + LE, GPS/GLONASS, DLNA, USB OTG, MHL 2.0 ,Wi-Fi(dual antenna high speed) WiFi Direct.
  • Download Booster– Galaxy S5 is the first device coming with a technology called Download Booster ,which collectively uses LTE,Wi-Fi  to download the large files faster . It won’t work for any file  smaller than 30 MB.
  • Display Quality – Practically S5 is  brighter and equal to S4 ,but theoretically due the bigger screen size we loose 9 pixels per inch (S4 is 441 DPI while S5 is  432 DPI)You won’t notice it so don’t worry .
  • Software – S 5 is coming with 4.4.2 KitKat  ,but Galaxy S4 too gets 4.4.2 KitKat via Sw update .
  • Camera – S5 has an 16MP main cam while the rear camera of S4 is 13MP,but if you don’t take  photos in wide screen then S5 takes images only with 12MP ,which is less than S4’s any angle photo shoot capacity .(But MP is not a big matter for quality of the photo always )you don’t need to worry about the differences .
  • Battery life – practically S5 and S4 last only a day on heavy use .

Samsung Galaxy S5 back cover finishing

You can have a full review here.[Source]

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