Galaxy S4 would appear with 5” screen and 1080 Pix Soon in February 2013


We have already started to follow the Samsung Galaxy S4 rumors and speculations . Now the information comes about S4 are almost near to true .

Expected Specifications of Samsung Galaxy S4

The upcoming Galaxy S4 should  use Samsung’s own quad-core Exynos 4 processor (found in the current S III) and will “definitely use” LTE networks. S4 will have 5” screen with 1080 Pixel resolution ,which  is becoming  a standard now, started with HTC and Motorola Droid Razor . As we have reported already ,you can expect a demo of the Samsung Galaxy S4 at the Mobile World Congress which would take place in February 2013.

Even though Samsung officially denied the rumors initially speculated on Korean Times ,about the new Galaxy S4 ,now the tip offs from reliable sources given to  the blogosphere ,and the way market moves (business intelligence ) shows that Samsung will release the next Galaxy S device sooner than the normal release cycle ,which is one year normally .

Galaxy S4 will have almost very identical features of  Galaxy SIII ,as how Samsung develops the new generation of phones.Some add-on software features will be used to distinguish the phone and positioning .

Galaxy S4 Release Date

Release date of Samsung Galaxy S4 is  believed to be somewhere around March 2013.

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