Galaxy S2 gets the Jelly Bean before Christmas – Pre release rocks

Samsung Galaxy S2 wth Android Jelly Bean and Butter Nov 2012

Proud  owners of Galaxy S II  (like me 🙂  )! get ready to enjoy your phone more sooner by Christmas this year . Samsung has leaked  a pre-release of Android Jelly Bean cooked for Samsung Galaxy S2 with the flavour of Android Butter (minor update on top of the Jelly Bean O/S). At TecKdiary we have reported the availability of the Jelly Bean for Samsung Galaxy S2 and some other devices already ,and now it is the time to welcome the guest .

Christopher Silva at shared the nice moment he had with the new   O/S  installed on his SII phone. He went on saying that he could not find any  software bugs  and battery drainage issues on the phone after using it for two days with the new JB O/S .

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“The release version is 4.1.2 and has the aqua theme built in. Obviously, Google’s “Butter” is included too. As I mentioned before, this release is sweet. Most importantly, our Ole GalaxyS2 still has some surprises left in her- eh or him. As an added bonus Samsung built-in a Dropbox login. Once logged in you will automatically receive 50 Gigabytes of free Dropbox cloud space.”

Just wait for some time ,it is the matter of few days !

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