Galaxy Note 3–S-pen Vs. Note 2 S-pen–Some Tips

The mid sized Phablets ,Samsung Galaxy Notes are  one of their main stream devices now .Note 3 is the current device of its kind.

Galaxy Note 2 S-Pen review

I have spent few hours with Galaxy  Note 3 ,I love the screen quality ,I love the speed it does things at. Even the slimmest design ,the smooth edges all are some special attractions for a Note 2 user like me .

But when I have used the S-Pen of Note 3, I could realize a huge set back on it’s performance . The note 2’s S-Pen writes on the device (Even on Note 3) smoothly ,you won’t feel like you have to  give some extra pressure to write .

Galaxy Note 3-S-Pen review

But the Note 3’s S-Pen which has bit more thin and lengthy tip ,makes you to feel like you give some extra pressure to write on it (actually you have to )so that writing naturally on Note 3 is bit tricky .

Note 2’s S-Pen is a perfect writing tool .

I have tried my Note 2’s S-Pen on Note 3 ,it worked like a charm . So ,the problem is not with the device but ,with the S-Pen . So folks if you want to have some smooth S-Pen writing experience ,better to buy a Note 2’s S-Pen replacement  which is available from just $2 from ebay.

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