Express More Emotions with Nibuzz for Android now

Nimbuzz 3.0 Apil - 2014 latest version

Nimuzz Version 3.0 1st of April 2014 update

Nimbuzz has been updated to a new version  recently with more  icons to show your emotions beautifully. Now you can emote in images more creatively .

Nimuzz expresses its view of providing more and more icons to convey your message more meaningful .They have bit big images ,to share ,called stickers . “You can show a big rose and end up a conversion by showing a hugging sticker” ,Nimuzz noted. .

Nimuzz states in a  blog post  “Stickers are available as a part of our latest Android Update and it is only a matter of days that you would see the Nimbuzz Stickermania spreading to other Operating Systems as well. So, update to the latest Nimbuzz on Android and experience emotion like never before.”

Head off to Google Play to download the latest version of Nimuzz for your Android .

Source – Nimbuzz

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