Does your Android mobile need an anti virus application ?

For  the folks who have been trying new Android devices ,I guess ,one of the important  questions they may have is “Should I use anti virus software on my Android phone or Tablet ?”

Should I use Virus protection for Android ?

I have been using Android over last 3 years but I have never used a bulky Android AV app in my phone or Tablet.

It doesn’t mean ,that you don’t have any kind of security threat in your Android mobile .But it is interesting to know that you  are safe with Android in many cases.

Android and it’s Inbuilt Security Feature

Android operating system itself has the antiviral feature .Google has done a great job when it comes to virus protection of Android .

  • The security nature  of Android doesn’t allow files to replicate automatically ,which is vital for a virus kind app to trouble the O/S.
  • All applications are running in Sandbox environment in Android so that you don’t worry about infecting other apps of your phone. It means any malicious software running on Android cannot infect other app . Sandbox is the technical term,  that limits the environments in which certain code can execute.
Then what are the risks –  your Android Mobile or Android Tablet has ?
  • Malware attacks are possible
  • Spyware attacks are quite normal with many free android apps
  • Stealing your personal information if arguably  possible
So ,what do  the security firms say ?

Many security firms suggest that their antivirus software focuses on providing anti-theft solutions (preventing your mobile from being used by bad people ,when it is lost )and blocking spyware,malware applications .

Should I install an Anti Virus app then ?

It is up to you ,but if you keep your phone away from junk applications ,then you are safe  .

How to prevent  installing spyware/malware ?
  • Always check for reputed applications even from Google Play Store ,check the number of  five stars Vs. number of one  star too . Then decide . Read the app reviews on the net and then you can go for them . Just by doing some Googling you can know a lot  and save a lot.
  • Don’t use a hacked phone . A hacked phone is an open house for attackers .
  • Don’t install apps  from unreliable/unknown  sources ,I would suggest only Google Play Store .
  • Carefully examine the permissions that an app is asking for, and use your own judgment to decide whether you want that app or not. For example , if a small 3d game app ask access for your contacts ,you can suspect the app and refuse to install .
  • Don’t use pirated Android apps. Those are rich in spyware and malware .
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