Sony Xperia Z Vs. Samsung Galaxy S4–Who is the winner ?

Samsung Galaxy S4 Vs. Sony Xperia Z


For everyone’s surprise ,Sony has introduced a better smart phone to compete with the mobile giant Samsung . Yes ,Sony has released many famous Xperia lie ups in the past ,but none of them had a chance to stand in front of the recent (last 2 years) smart phones of Samsung .

Galaxy S4 is the latest flagship phone from Samsung after it enjoyed a massive success of Galaxy S III. But this time Sony has revealed the Xperia Z  ,that also has been released with some sort of handy features like water resistant ,full glass covered body , MHL link that works with many hdmi cables

The both Android phones almost has most of the same features ,but Samsung Galaxy S4 is winning  the race by having the following extra features over Sony Xperia Z


Samsung Galaxy S4 over Sony Xperia Z

  • Screen has superior color reproduction, contrast and viewing angles, works with gloves and air gestures
  • Newer chipset with higher clock speed
  • Dual-video recording, can shoot 9.6MP stills while recording video, 60MP panoramas
  • Infra-red blaster – Infra red connectivity ,you can control your TV etc. using your phone
  • Android 4.2.2 out of box
  • Multi-window multitasking ( yes ,Initially introduced with Galaxy Note II )
  • Additional sensors (barometer, thermometer, hygroscope)
  • Air gestures; Smart stay, Smart pause, Smart scroll

Advantages of Xperia Z

  • Already available in the market , You have to wait for S4
  • Slightly lower priced over S4


Specs source

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