Samsung Galaxy S3 Vs. Apple iPhone 5–Which is worse ?–Cons compared !

iPhone5 Vs Samsung Galaxy S3 ,Galaxy SIII worse ?

Cons of iPhone5 and Galaxy S3 –Based on  user experiences

We have been watching people expressing their views on  iPhone5 and Samsung Galaxy SIII over last few weeks . Manufacturers of the very devices claim a lot on the products but end of the day ,it should be received well by the end user. It is very common to have reviews and head to head comparisons of the hot equal  devices on the blogs time to time.But those are  the views of a reviewers, an individual or a small group of writers.

At TecKdiary we have tried to figure out which device received  the worse comments /opinions recently(Up to date and this post would be updated if we get more details ) ,based on user forums , discussions , and the buzz created on the blogosphere recent weeks(up to date) . This should be a definite buying guide for you(Apple iPhone 5 ? or Samsung Galaxy S3 ?) ,We wish you all the best in your  choice a better device !


Samsung Galaxy SIII –User Complains

Apple iPhone 5 –User Complains

Wi-Fi connectivity issues has been found on both devices Wi-Fi Connectivity has some issues ,and can be fixed by some settings ,and hot fix expected from Samsung Wi-Fi connectivity drops ,3G also not performs well in some versions of Apple iPhone 5
Camera No complains Camera produces images with purple colour in some circumstances
Maps No complains (Google Maps )
Vibration Control No Complains in some versions of iPhone 5 ,it vibrates louder
Casing/Back Cover No Complains The aluminum body of iPhone5 gets scratches easily ,even you take out of the box.
USB /Desktop Connector No Complains/No issues Proprietary 30 pin cable ,no alternative available ,and Apple runs out of stock most of the time since launch 
Remarks Click on the links provided ,here to see more details with proper references . Click on the links provided ,here to see more details with proper references .

Cons rating  : Yes all of you know by now that who is the definite loser here(Winner of Cons rating ) ,needless to say that it is better to stay away from Apple iPhone 5(until it gets fixes ) ,if you are not a die hard fan of the Brand alone!

TeckDiary Team.

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